Friday, February 25, 2011

Train Wrecks & Copy Cats

4 days ago, we finally had a photoshoot, but that too was kind of last minute thing and some could not attend. But at least we had a photo shoot right?? We had our shoot at the Tg. Aru train station and then we headed for the beach to have a look see and at the same time we took some pictures as well.. Planning to organize another one again soon though, hopefully it would happen..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Decos

Its been awhile since I posted something..sorry about that.. These are pictures of decorations of The Gardens mall which is opposite of Mid Valley.. I did not take much photo these time on my holiday though, nothing that caught my eye there at that moment I guess. Or any other time for that matter.. But it was a great holiday though, was able to meet up with family and friends.. Had a great time.. I hope I or anyone of my friends will be able to organize a photo shoot..been eager to try out new concepts and themes..