Friday, December 14, 2012


Its been awhile since I've updated my blog with pictures, well as you can see I went to Kuching recently and stayed for a night. While my sis went to work I went for a stroll around town on my own, had lotsa fun doing so. The people were nice and majority of the people there spoke english and chinese. Quite few that I came across that day spoke malay. To me, its a mini K.K. The streets are safe, no pilaks. Oh yeah~ 

I did not get to try all the food there for I only had one night, but my two friends brought me to the recommended restaurant in Kuching which is the ayam penyet, nearby the river majestic hotel. The nightlife over there, is similar to K.K. Their X'mas decorations are awesome, they made a mini 18th century or is it 19th century street in one of the malls. Overall, had a great time there, and hope to visit more places on my next visit one day.