Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pink Ribbon Walk Abreast

These are pictures of a walkathon organized by the Pink Ribbon Society in conjungtion with Mother's Day celebration. But the true purpose for the walkathon is actually to raise awareness regarding breast cancer among women and yes men as well(men too can get breast cancer) and the walk is also a symbol of how not to give up to keep on fighting.

The walk was 5km and it was not hot at all due to the cloudy weather which everyone thought rain was coming down. This walkathon is not your typical walkthon, it has a competition of best pinkest costume worn by the participants, its not surprising to see some of the participants dress up in their costume that they are saving for halloween. That's what spices things up I guess. Besides that there are performances by the breast cancers survivors and other participants as well, speech by the Pink Ribbon President, lucky draw and of course Zumba before the show ends.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Short Story : It's A Funny Story

Do you believe in coincidence? Or just pure miracle? Well it happens from time to time and so you just accept it eh? Anyway, ok so I am at this party the kind where usually it’s only the rich and famous and you can add in most connections gets invited to, me? How did I get here? Alright, for that we need to go back a little, say a year ago? Ok ok but before I begin my story I would just like to say, this is one awesome party I ever got invited to. It’s at a mansion, it has a big pool, lotsa hot girls too. Oh yeah, anyway, my story. Oh and before that, the name is Keith.

Ok so a year ago, no wait, make that a year and a half ago, yeah. I was your average Joe, out of college with a part time job that pays money better than the usual part timers pay, yeah I get to overspend once in a while and end up eating shit by the end of the day~~ I’m just kidding. I love taking pictures, you can say I’m a photographer. A noob. So, on that day, a year and a half ago, quit my job, decided to stop kissing my boss’s ass and plan to start my own photographer thing. So I did what any new and upcoming business guy would do, printed my cards, put them on wind shields, posts box and all, let my friends know and their mutual friends that I exist via the telephone, then I waited. And waited. And waited. Few months passed, it wasn’t working, I mean, I got no calls for services and all. I just keep telling myself, it’s a patient game. For the days that came, I did lots of reading. One book I’ve read caught my eye, Dog The Bounty Hunter. Yes, it’s the dog. The Duane Chapman. A chapter in his book caught my attention when he said he needed to stand outside a corridor and streets to hand out his bounty hunting business card to break into the business. I taught to myself, why not give it a shot. So I did, yet still no response.

Keith took a day off giving around his business card and walk around the streets, entering shops looking for any interesting items to spend on. As he enters the third shop, he realizes one same particular song was played at the third shop we enters  as well. And yet, the song was also played when he entered subway to grab a lunch.

“Excuse me, what song is this?” Keith ask the cashier as it was his turn to order.
“Oh don’t you know?” answers the girl.
“Nope, I can’t keep track of all of these new upcoming popstars.”
“This song is called call me maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen.”
“You mean that girl from that nickelodeon show i-carly’s is singing this? She is using it as her her alias?”
“What? No no~” the cashier giggles. “No silly, it’s a totally different girl.”
“Owh, alright. Anyway, I’ll take this and a large coke.”

So as I sat there and ate my lunch, it occurred to me. Why not? I’ll give it a shot. Printed more cards, the next day, I was on the streets again, at corridors.

“Hello ladies, here’s my card, it’s for a photography service.”
“Oh alright, thank you.” Answers one of the lady.
“Call me maybe!!” Keith says.
“Did you just quote Carly Rae?” the lady’s younger friend questions.

I just didn’t know what to say when she asked me that, I somehow froze. “Yes.” I said.
“That’s cute,” she replies me. And walked away, few months later, I got a call from her for a service. But that’s another story. That day itself, I handed out fifty cards, try imagining it, I had to say the same line fifty times. It better get me somewhere. The next morning, miracle or what, I got a call for an interview with a particular well known magazine. The interviewer, was one out of the fifty people I gave my card to. 

“So, you’re telling me this is your first job?” the interviewer questions.
“Yes, I had a part time job before, but I thought of pursuing what I like doing most.”
“I still remember when I had my first job. You know, I hate this job I’m doing now, but it puts food on the table, so let it be.” The interviewer paused for a second and looks through my resume. “ Alright, you got the job.” Says the interviewer.

“What? Really?”
“Yes, you start Monday. I usually don’t do this but, you’ve got the balls to go out, giving your business card and telling them to call you maybe. That is one hell of a kind of a story. Alright, see you Monday.”

So, I started Monday. After months of doing some freelancing on the side and also the magazine. Well, here I am now at this party. Do you ever think that a song could land you a job that is not in the entertainment industry? But hey, I’ve got to say, it’s not hundred percent guaranteed it will work. I was just lucky not to get my ass kick while handing out my cards. Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention. I hope my ears did not deceive me, but I swore I heard the interviewer, humming to that song as I was walking out.


                                                                       THE END.