Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Batangan BAru Trip

Last Saturday, 25th Sept the college(Unirazak) photography club had a recreation trip to this place called Bantagan Baru which was located in Gayang, Mengkabong. Tourist goes to this place, i mean its a tourism spot, mostly taiwanese,china,Japanese,Korean tourists comes here. Anyways, back to the matter, purpose of this trip?well i guess the pictures tells the purpose of the trips.

Only one activity we were unable to photo, which is the ATV, apparently, we all got our hands tied and had to handle a number of things at one time. From what we see, the trip went quite well, everybody seems happy about it. Did not get to do any photoshoot though. Only pity thing is, cheryl,joanna,jeremiah,elsie,mahira,terence were unable to attend this event due, to that they had their own matter to attend to. Oh well, there's always next time..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trees is the new sky

This picture was taken when we had the trip to Kuala Penyu, this was taken during our way back to the main city though, we stopped by at this one place that is near the coast. We went under the trees and experiment with the trees as our background. I realize that I rarely had any shots from below, so i tried a couple of shots. Honestly, I just was not feeling it that day, could not get proper/good shots, but gladly, it turn out ok.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lighting up the sky

This picture was taken, when I was in Adelaide. I was just walking along the bridge towards Victoria street, I think that was what its called where all the shops are. The main shopping district to be precise. F.y.i, everything is actually walking distance there, unless you wanna head towards the wine farm. Barroussa Valley.

The GodBirdie~~

"For as long as my mother is alive, Fredo is still my brother." Ok so~I was walking around Sydney(yes, i took this pic when i was in Sydney), I came across these birdies. It was something very unusual, GANGSTER birdies?? Look at them, one in the middle sitting down, and the rest surrounding him/her. Look at those at the back, my god..haha..Never knew animals are starting to get a sense of humour..These are one of my favorite pics of the birds I took there..

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mysterious Photograher

Ok, so Mysterious photographer, yesh, another black and white picture, like I said earlier, I'm really into black and white pics, but I of course cannot, put my colored pictures aside.well not so mysterious though, this is a friend of mine, who I better not reveal who, for those of you who knows, good for you. Neway, back to the picture, I took this when was on a trip with my friends to kuala penyu. We had a sleepover there and of course photoshoot. 1 day 1 night. This pic was taken at the back of Ki-choy's uncle's workshop. I did not think about how the arrangement of picture would be, I just took this without thinking. Thank god it turn out ok..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Took this picture when I was in Adelaide, was walking around the street and saw this purple flower. Looks like lavender but I don't think so. It caught my eye, yet again, there's no purple flowers plant on the streets of Malaysia though.


So here is another black and white pic. Yeah like i said earlier in my recent post about me and black and white. anyways, this is a friend of mine, who helped us out for an outing a year back if im not mistaken. So as you can see, she is posing in front of a truck. Well, is just that, I wanna try emphasize on using something else besides scenery or wallpapers as backgrounds. Something totally different. Yeah, a truck. A lorry actually to be precise.

Out of the blue

This pic i took when I was vacationing in Sydney few months back, yeah i took it in black and white. I took color version of this, but it didn't turn out well, so i tried black and white, turn out better though. Apparently, I'm really into black & white pictures. I feel like its my strong point in photography. MAYBE. That's right a big MAYBE, yet again, no harm in tryin.To make it work. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time is dead

Allright, since its my first post in blogspot and my first time too using it, I guess this pic will be my first post then. Got the inspiration from two things for this picture, firstly a song called "TIME IS DEAD" from a Japanese band and of course the props itself. A toy glock 20 and a clock. The idea just came into my mind, a gun that is most of the time used to kill and clock tells time, so in a way it means, the gun shoots the clock so times has died. Just an idea that came out of the blue.