Sunday, June 19, 2011


Its not easy to brighten a hallway,
Its not easy to heat up those who needs it,
It will never be easy to stay,

Have you ever seen a candle,
Lit itself up?
Or lit itself back up every single time it goes out?
In this world,
You'll see a lot of those,
Do you think its easy,
For a candle to lit itself back up?

You'll see candleS lit themselves back up,
Some you'll see that will just extinguished,
And forever be gone,
Candle/ CandleS plays two roles as well,
A candle and a matchstick,
Laugh it up if it sounds funny to you,
But this is fact.

Cannot depend on just one to ensure,
The flame remains,
Them candleS,
Plays roles in making sure,
The fire still burns,
can depend on oneself to keep burning,
CandleS need each other to remain,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Eye In The Sky

This sunset was taken at the shore of Likas say around 5 something? towards 6, yes there still was little bit of sun. I was hitching a ride back from Mahira from the Miss Earth talentshow when she said " let's go to the shore there(near the U-turn) take sunset". I was like "Allright"~ There were many people there enjoying the breeze, eating, barbecuing and etc. Luckily it didn't rain though.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Miss Earth 2011 Talent Show

Two days ago, me,mahira and jeremiah and his family attended a Miss Earth talent show competition.. Its a beauty pagent competition actually and this one was the show where the pageants are suppose to show their talents in what ever they are good at doing. The show went kinda well and it was attended by lots of people. Family, friends, strangers and a bunch of people on the railing who leaned to have a glance at the show. Quite glad was able to get lots of pictures from the show. the finals will be held on 11th June 2011.