Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ghostly Figure

These were taken by Cheryl earlier last year as you can see from the reflection.. while they were waiting for me.. I forgot what I was doing then. Anyway, Jeremiah also taught us how to exit a car that day..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Project

Ok so, here are some compilation of old and some not so old nor new pictures that I had taken. All I did was just add some effects on to it.. The first picture was suppose to be a dreamy effect, well I hope it turned out kinda dreamy.. Hmm~ I felt it did not turn out so well.. But anyway, you be the judge.. The second one was just your usual Sin City(Watch the movie and you'll know what I mean) effect where only some parts of the pictures has colors.. The last picture is your usual vintage effect..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Risers(Final Episode : It Is Okay)

The group arrives at the entrance of the military base. As they enter, bodies with their brains blown out were everywhere, vehicles and crashed helicopters were around as well.  The base build on a very huge land, it almost accommodate the whole island’s land from one end to another. One part of the area is all its buildings the other part is where all its transport is placed.

“Alright c’mon, the bird it’s on the other side of the island. Keep your eyes opened too by the way,” Clarke instructs.
“Guys, I can’t go further..” Nancy.
“What happened?” Jack asks.

“ I didn’t realize.. piece of sharp wood, plunge into my archilies tendon,” Nancy drops onto the ground as she realizes so, Clarke helps her out by pulling the wood out and wrapping the wound after he tore his sleeve off.

“Ok we gotta carry you.” Says Chris.
“Hey, if you drop her while going through these things on the ground, she’s gonna get worst,” Steve explains.

“What do you suggest?” Ask Jack.
“OK, listen, you guys get yourself to the roof of the headquarters. I’ll get the bird and land it there. Alright?” Clarke suggests.

“Whoa~ hang on. How do we know you’re not going to screw us?” Asks Jack.
“I’ll go with him,” Juliette volunteers.
“Till now still don’t trust me eh Jack?”
“Just keeping my eyes opened.”

“Ok let’s go. Oh, Chris. Keep that walkie on. Just keep it on channel 1.”
“Got it.”
“Go~ we’ll see you in a bit.”

“Juliette.. careful.” Steve advises.
“You betcha.”

Chris helps Nancy up to her feet by carrying her via her arm, putting her arm on his shoulder while she tip toe with one leg. She suggests it’s better to do so for if there was any attacks she could help shoot as well. The four of them needed to walk a distance to get to the entrance. It was about 200 metres to the headquarter’s (main building’s) entrance. They reach the main building, the double doors were wide opened. The four of them heads inside after confirming it being clear. The only thing occupying the ground floor was a wooden table on the side of the room. Chris puts Nancy down and checks her wound. Steve and Jack tries and bolt the door behind them while they rest for the moment and await instructions from Clarke.

On the other side.

“ What happen here? I mean, every soldier on the ground has their brains blown *Juliette kneels down to check on a dead soldier* and some even half eaten.”

“Just salvage anything you can. Ammo, rations anything,” Clarke instructs.

They walk few more paces, and there they saw the bird. Clarke and Juliette were excited, but their excitement were short live as Clarke checks the fuel gauge it was empty. Fortunately nearby was a fuel tanker, with the help of Juliette, Clarke pulls the hose and fill the bird up.

Steve and Jack keep on the lookout for anything that may come and attack them.

“Hey, your uncle Rob. What is he? Is he really like he say he was?” Ask Chris.

Silence by Nancy.

“Look I don’t feel like talking about this alright..”

*sighs* I don’t know, for all I know. He has always been my biological uncle. Whether or not he has problems with himself. None of us were told of such thing.”

Chris smiles.

Over on the walkie-talkie.

“Chris are you there? Over.”
“You’re on Clarke.”

“You guys get yourself up to the roof now, we’re refueling. We should be done in 5 minutes. Just hang in there alright. We’ll get there.”

“Got it.Over." As soon as Chris ends his conversation with Clarke, there were bangs on the door. And the bangs just gotten louder and more. Shows that they were found by the zombies that crossed the river.

“Clarke watch your back, they are here. Over. “warns Chris.

Clarke and Juliette defend themselves of the incoming army of zombies.

The group in the warehouse made their way up the stairs to the roof before the door was broken down. Nancy’s injury was delaying the group getting to the roof. Half way there the door breaks open and the zombies make their way up the stairs towards them. They got to the roof and bolted the door behind them and armed up waiting for the worst.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Juliette were busy fighting off the incoming zombies while the bird was refueling. There was a gas tank nearby.

“Juliette get on the barrels. I’m going to throw this in the middle of them and you shoot it!!! You hear!!??”
“Got it.”
“And keep your head down.”

Back on the roof the zombies finally made their way up. And the four of them started opening fire. Defending themselves.

“Clarke where are you buddy??”
“We’re busy here too Chris. Hang in there!!!!”

The zombies did something unexpected. They somehow were able to climb the building via the pipes and windows attached to it.

“Fuck.. did you just saw what I saw?” Ask Jack.
“we all did.” Chris, Nancy and Steve answers. They kept on firing, defending themselves. Steve gave Nancy a clip after she rans out. Jack switch to his pistol as he rans out of his rifle. Steve and Chris were trying to conserve their ammo on their pistol.

“I’m running low.” Jack. An explosion not far was visible from the rooftop.

“What the hell??” Steve.
“Clarke!!! You guys okay!!!??” Chris contacts on the walkie.
After a few seconds delay “2 seconds” Juliette answers.

The bird flies to the rood and lands on the heliport further up front. Juliette and Clarke got off the bird and help them out defending themselves as they make their way to the helicopter. Once everyone is on board, they took off. Flying into the skies hovering the island. From above, they all saw the island being run over by the zombies and more of  them came out of the water.

Leaning back and a breath of relieved, everyone was alright. Chris was above to doze off when someone called in by the bird’s radio.

“ Hello?? Hello?? Is there anyone out there?? Hello? Answer me?” a woman’s voice.
“Sounds like my mom.” Nancy.
“Ma’am, this is Clarke. Where is your position?”
“Owh thank god. I’m here at Criesses beach. The shore, I’m calling from a abandoned police cruiser’s radio. Help us, I’ve got another woman here and her child.”

“Evelyn? Sarah?”

“We’re on our way.” Replies Clarke.
“Hang on what if it’s a trap. Trying to kill us or something??” Ask Jack.
“No time to think about that.” Replies Clarke.

They flew to the beach to see two woman and a child. All females. As they got closer, Nancy recognizes her mom. The woman and her child was not Evelyn or Sarah after all. The sadness in his face tells a story but there was nothing he could do. As they once again flew into the skies.

“Ms. Bennet. Glad you’re alright.” Says Chris.
“Oh Chris, Jack dear. You’re all alright. Thank god.*hugs them*
“Where’s your girls?”
“They didn’t make it.” Jack explains.
“I’m sorry my dear.”

“Hey~ erm.. what’s your name Ms?” Ask Chris.
“I’m Summer this is Emily. I’m taking care of her now.”
“Everything is going to be fine okay.” Ensures Chris.

“Hey Chris."Steve.
“Sorry about your girlfriend and your kid.”
“Its alright.”*Nod his head* 

Chris leans back and closes his eyes for a moment. Exhaling slowly. A breath of relieve. He opens his eyes once again to see one last view of the city he grew up in.

“So where we heading guys?” Ask Clarke
“What’s the closest?” Steve asks.

Chris didn’t hear the conversation they were having, as he was about to doze off again. From the fatigue.

“Chris, just close your eyes. Take some rest. I’ll wake you when get there,” says Nancy.

Chris was able to give a smile. And closes his eyes. As he was about to fall asleep to get a good sleep after all that they have gone through, even though if it was just for few minutes. The helicopter rotors at its tail just exploded and burst into flames.

(Thank you for reading and your support)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

That Cinematic Feel

A few days back, a friend of mine posted a picture he took around 2 years ago and did some modification on to it. Made it better looking.. Come to think of it, it is a good idea.., brings back good ol times/memories too.. After viewing his work I somehow got inspired and turns out to be a good idea as well, since I've only been posting stories and few pictures.. So here are some pictures from recent events such as trips, annual dinners,open house and photoshoot behind the alley. I decided to give these pictures a "cinematic" look. A technique I remembered a friend of mine did, turns out not bad. I'm trying to give it a movie feel.. hope it works..

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Risers (Episode 6 : The Unstable Mind)

There is a knock on the door, “ Rob~ Rob~~ you home??” a woman’s voice on the other side of the door.

“Hey sis~ fancy you coming here,” *Rob hugs Connie*
“Yea, just got a little worried about you after that situation that is going on,” *Connie walks to Rob’s television and turning it onto the news. Rob joins her to watch it*

The news shows that people are getting sick and were interviewed as well on their condition. Another news channel report was on the scene, where there seem to be a situation at the main city. Police, ambulance and firemen were on the scene. Connie was about to use her cellphone, then Rob jumped on her. Went on top of her.

“WHAT THE FUCK ROB!!!!?? What the fuck are you doing!!???
“Connie we might be dead soon, I’m getting it on!!!”

“FUCCKK ROB! Get the fuck of me!!!!”

 Connie pushes Rob off her, he grabs her back as she got back onto her feet and the struggle ruined the house’s decoration. Connie was able to push Rob out of the front door. She closes it and locks it, she leans on the door and started to cry as she puts her hands on her face. She tries to use her cellphone but it was in pieces, she then tries to look for Rob’s cellphone but it was nowhere to be found. She continues watching the news trying to learn what is going on. Not too long after, she heard screams from the neighbors and saw a big group of people coming her way.

Moments later, Rob was thrown into the jail cell for attempted manslaughter towards Chris and the rest of the group. Moments later, after the screams and panic attacks Rob was able to break the jail door by force and smashing the bed inside to the door. He makes his way outside and lingers around for things that he could use. A few zombies approaches him, nearby was a chainsaw, he grabs it, use it on them.

The group has just arrived at the jetty of the island. The road and the surrounding leading to the base surrounded by trees and bushes. Clarke cuts through the bushes with a machete he picked up earlier at the shop. One by one they got off the boat as Clarke cleared the path.

“This place looks as if it was un-touch,” Jack states.
“Abandoned you mean?” Juliette.
“Keep your eyes open, don’t know if this place is infested with those things or not,” Chris warns.

“Hey~ you alright?” Steve asks Nancy who seems gloom.
“Yeah~ nothing is wrong.”
“You seem tense.”
“Well having these things around us eating and killing who wouldn’t?*Sounded irritated* Sorry.”
“Don’t mention it. Understood.”
“Things are just fucked up right now.”
“Hey~ we’re all in this together. We share all of this shit together.”
“Got that right.”

Clarke was having a hard time cutting through the bushes as it was really thick and some are difficult to cut through.

“How far to the base?” Chris asks Clarke.
“Not too far. But these bushes is just making it longer to get there.”
“Oh~ Chris, take this. *Clarke hands Chris a walkie-talkie*. Just in case we get separated along the way.”
“Thanks, good idea.

Few moments later, a man knocked Juliette out via hitting her at the back of her head. He was hiding in the bush. Turns out to be Rob. Juliette lies unconscious on the ground as he points his chainsaw to her head. Wanting to slice her open. Taking her hostage.

“Uncle Rob.”
“Hey Nancy sweetie. Hey~ boys.” * says it with a cynical look on his face* 
“Uncle Rob, what are you doing? How did you get here?”
“On a boat attached to the back of a truck.”
“You know this guy?” Clarke ask.
“This is Nancy’s uncle. He went missing from jail when we came back for him,” explains Chris.

“What the fuck are you talking about?? We came back for you and you were gone. You broke out!!” Jack explains.

“If I hadn’t done so I wouldn’t be here today. I’ll be dead, becoming one of them.”
“OK look Rob calm down ok, we have a chopper and……”

“Yes I heard you god damn transmission on the C.B.. I’m going to use the chopper and get the hell out of here.”

“Chris I can take this guy down,” Steve tells Chris he has a clear shot of Rob.

“Wait, Steve.”
“What is there to wait, Juliette is gonna die.”
“STOP IT YOU TWO!! Uncle Rob please~ stop it. What the hell!!?? And where’s my mom?”

“Your mom? YOUR MOM!!?? That bitch tried to kill me. Yea that’s right, I was trying to get it on with her but that bitch threw me out OF MY OWN HOUSE!!! AND SLAMMED THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!”

“whoa~ WHAT!!?? You tried to have sex with your own sister!!??” Jack was shocked.

Everyone else seem stunned. And in shock. They were lost for words.

“What’s so shocking? I’m not the same meat nor blood with this FUCKS!!”*points to Nancy*
“Uncle Rob what are you talking about? We are the same.”
“No we’re fucking not!!!!”

Since just now Steve did not lay his guard down. His gun was still pointing at Rob.

“Calm down okay. Please. Rob put the chain saw down and we can talk about this.” Chris tries to reason with Rob. It only made matters worse when Rob turned on his chainsaw.

In a distance, Clarke sees something that he has never seen before. That moment will be a life changing moment for him and the group.

“guys” Clarke calls out.
“Not now Clarke.” Says Chris.
“whoa~ Rob turn off the saw and calm down put in down,” Jack approaches Rob and tried to counsel him.


Clarke was able to get Chris’s attention and made him look into the sea that they just crossed. They knew that the distant between the mainland and the island that they were on was not far at all. But as Chris saw what was going on, it too changes the look on his face.

“Rob please listen to me, put the saw down and we can get out of here together ok!!!?? Chris again tells Rob off.

“I’ve already told you I’m getting out here on my own. And all of you will be dead!!!”

“Uncle Rob please. *Nancy takes her gun out from her holster and puts it on the ground and goes closer to Rob* Uncle Rob, I don’t know what is really going on between my mom and you. But please stop this madness, we can help you okay?? Once we get out of here of course.”

*Laughs* Shut up!!! Look! Your grandparents picked me up from the jungle after everyone else was executed during the war. Do you understand now!!????”

Juliette was already regaining her consciousness, and Rob was oblivious towards it.

“Rob please stop this shit right now!! Look at that!! *Points towards the sea* they’re coming for us. They’re coming across THE FUCKING SEA!! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT!!??? I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY CAN WALK THROUGH THE current or how they can hold their breath long enough. All I know is you gotta blow their heads off for them to die!!! So please, cut this shit out!!” Chris reasons with Rob again.

“What the hell?” Jack takes a closer look by going near to shore.
“Damn it, how the hell is this happening???” Jack prepares his firearm.

“Fuck you people.” Rob was about to slice Juliette into pieces, and the group was trying to stop him from doing so. Out of the blue, Juliette kicked him in the gut, Rob went off balance. With the opportunity Steve put two in the chest.

Rob drops to the ground like a rock. He was struggling to breath and speak. Nancy approaches Rob and attends to him, putting her hand on his head and slant it upwards as she gave him a hug. She didn’t look sad, tears were not seen coming down her eyes. All she is now is just, confused. She walked to where she placed her gun, picking it up slowly. She kneels down near Rob who was struggling to stay alive. She points the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

(To Be Concluded)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Risers (Episode 5 : Run Like Hell)

“Is there anyone out there? If there is, you’re not alone.. six other people including me, are survivors. If you’re hearing this, head to the military base up north.. there is only one military base, we will evacuate via helicopter. Whosoever that is hearing this, make your way to the military base up north. Be safe. You’re not alone,” Juliette sends out a distress message.

“There, I hope someone hears that on time. We do not have the proper equipment to play it over and over again,” Juliette.

“Don’t worry, we did whatever we could to help others. *sigh* ok people, grab what you can, as much as you can..” states Clarke.

Everyone load up as much as they could on their weapons making sure they’re well protected and well prepared to take on any hostile situation that they might come through. Now that everyone is ready, Clarke shuts off the voltage and the team makes their way out of the barrier headed towards the military base located on the other side of the state, up north. It is on an island by itself big enough to occupy a whole military base and close enough to make it by car as it is connected by a road. That long stretch of road that leads to the island, was now no more as they got there.

“Now what? How the fuck did this happen?” Ask Jack.
“Military went over their heads I guess..” says Clarke.
“How the hell are we gonna get through?” Jack getting upset.

There was a moment of silence.

“There is another way, few miles down the road this way, *Clarke points towards the road Jack and Steve took to get to the hospital* there is a facility. It has boats there, we can use them to get to the jetty of the base.”

“How do you know there are boats there? Or if it’s even there.. still.” Chris asks Clarke.
“We usually patrol around this area by sea. That’s how I know. Whether there are any left.. well~ do you have any other ideas?”

The six of them decided to make their way to the facility. They walked through the same path Jack and Steve took to get to the hospital, there was blood everywhere, body parts scattered around. it was being eaten by the zombies. It somehow occurred to Steve that the zombies were eating up each other. Eating up their own kind.

“I see..”
“What do you see Steve?” Ask Juliette.
“Guys, hang on..” Steve tells the group to pause for a second, as they gather and Steve tries to explain them something.

“Think I figured out how these things are able to leap and run and are like stronger. To sum it all up I mean. I don’t know whether this is true but, I’m just giving it a shot. When we work out, you know, pump iron and all.. We take protein shake for energy and as well faster recovery. Lean meat too and more protein. So~ when they eat their own zombie flesh, it somehow strengthen them up.. agility, strength and etc. why it happen that way, I don’t know.”

“How do you even know these stuff?” Nancy ask.
“I don’t I’m just trying to connect the dots.. like I said, it’s just a shot.”
“Whether it’s a shot or not, we better get moving,” Chris says to everyone.

Sounds seem to be coming from the sewers below, the same kind of sound that Jack and Steve heard the night before.

“Do you hear that?” Jack asks the group.

The zombies that attacked them that night starts climbing out of the sewers in the middle of the day.

“Clarke, I thought you said these guys only comes out at night??” Chris questions Clarke.
“Their eye sockets are smoking up, and there aren’t any eye balls,” Nancy wonders.
“Like your friend said, cannibalism leads to strengthening up. C’mon let’s  go! go! go!” Clarke instructs.

The group open fires to the army of zombies that were chasing them as they run as fast as they could to get to the facility without getting eaten. The zombies were leaping from the ground, leaping from the walls of the buildings near them to get momentum to reach them. The group were able to fire anything that was gaining on them. It was a difficult escape as they had to jump over rubbles, evade falling objects, jumping over large cracks that become a huge hole on the roads. They kept on running and finally saw the entrance towards the facility. They were able to create a good distance between them and the zombies as they try to unlock the double doors. Juliette fires a round onto the simple padlock, the door opens and they got themselves inside in the nick of time.

“Find whatever you can, we have to bolt the doors.. Hurry!!!” Clarke instructs everyone to look for anything nearby strong enough to bolt the doors as he holds on to the door making sure it stays closed. The group found things to bolt the door and they make their way around the facility.

“That was close,” Jack.
“What is this place anyways? Looks more like a factory. Warehouse?” Ask Nancy.
“Factory turned facility, marine life researches. C’mon we don’t know how long will the door hold.” Clarke explains.

The facility as they enter, has a walkway leading them to an elevator at the end of the other side. The walkway was fixated to the wall of the facility. Accordingly to how it was design which made them make turns left and rights. Below was the office, tables and chemistry sets, and lots of computers. The zombies were banging and wanting to get through the doors, they hasten their walk. The door was broken, and the army were through, and up to get them. The group ran to the elevator, again opening fire to those that was able gain on them.

As they got to the elevator.

“Shit!!! It’s not working!!!! Clarke.
“What!!??? What can you do about it?” Chris ask.
“I can try and hot wire it, computer panel here.”
“There’s no electricity how you suppose that it even work?”
“This place generator runs on solar, it will always have electricity. Cover me while I do my thing.”

The group fires at whatever that was coming their way, one of them almost got a hold onto Nancy, but she fired on time. 1 minute in, Clarke was still busy making the elevator work.

“Anytime now buddy,” Chris.
“Hang in there..”

2 minutes in, the elevator was open and running. They went in and make their way downstairs to the facility.

“Reload your weapons people, this only takes us downstairs.”
“Oh damn it.” Juliette complains.
“Shit~~” Chris.
“What’s wrong?” Nancy asks
“Ankle seems to be killing me.”
“Hey! Take it easy there, do not pass out. We’re almost there, take it easy,” Clarke ensures.
“Easy for you to say.”
“I can carry you if you want,” Steve offers.
“I’ll pass.”

*Air supply song plays out of love chorus in the elevator*

"I like this song," says Jack.

“Jack pass me the shotgun,” Jack passes his shotgun to Clarke.
“What bullets do you have in these?”
“Buck shot.”
“What’s wrong with your rifle?”
“I can’t make a hole through the crowd with it if they barge in can I?”
“Shotgun shells, the buckshot. It has tiny fragments in them. You shoot them, those fragments spreads out. “
“Killing two birds with 1 stone,” Juliette.
“Kind of~~, “ Answers Clarke.

The elevator is about to reach the ground floor.

“Ok guys, once the door opens, run out to the right. Make your way towards the end, almost the end. There is a small door on the right, go through it. Oh, and uhh~~ cover your ears.”

“Bing.” The elevator doors open, like Clarke guessed. The zombies barge in, Clarke with everything he had blasted through them as they flew few feet away from them and lay on the ground, trying to get themselves back up. Clarke instructs them to run as fast as they can. Steve helped Chris as he was running with a limp. Difficult for him to apply pressure on his foot. They fired anything that came close or that was gaining on them, they reached the door Clarke was talking about and made their way outside the facility. Jack bolted the door with a steel chair they found lying on the ground.

The jetty was in view and only one small boat was available. Getting to the jetty, they had to run down few flight of steps. The boat was about hundred meters away, the group ran as fast as they could. Chris with the help of Steve pushed his ankle to the limit. The zombies broke through the door and were again after them. Them too again, on the run. Chris and Steve being the last people behind fired everything at the zombies. Clarke who was already in the boat tries his best to start up the engine.

“hey guys! Keep em’ busy.” Clarke.
“Running low on bullets, hurry up and get it started!!!” Chris answers, as he and Steve slowly move backwards towards the boat, shooting only the necessary ones. Jack and Juliette helps out Clarke in starting the engine, pulling the rope making it start. Nancy joins Chris and Steve helping them slowing the zombies down. As the boat engine roars, Nancy and Steve helps Chris to get on the boat, dragging his injured leg as he screams in pain. The group got on the boat on time, and ride away from the area, from the jetty. Just in the nick of time.

“Don’t worry, those son of a bitches can’t swim,” says Clarke.
“Are you sure?” Jack being sarcastic.
“How far is the jetty?” Chris asks.
“Not far, 10 minute boat ride. It’s around the corner of the island. It’s a jungle there, keep an eye out.” Clarke explains.

“Nancy~~ you’re bleeding,” Chris points out the blood was flowing from her right arm.
“Ah shit!~~”
“No, no~ you’re not bitten, no bite marks. It’s more like a cut.”
“Thank god.” Nancy.
“Put some sea water on it, will kill the germs,” Clarke advises.
“You out of your mind? If it’s polluted?” Nancy against.
“Don’t worry, it’ll help,” Clarke assures.
“it’s gonna sting a bit,”*Chris smears the sea water on Nancy’s arm and tears his sleeve to wrap it around her wound*

“Why did you leave the army?” Chris asks.
“I didn’t, I was on leave.”
“Guys any idea where to head once we get to the helicopter?”

Silence by everyone.

“Look,why not, first things first. We get the helicopter, decide where to head on later.”
“Sounds like a plan.”

(To Be Continued)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Risers(Episode 4 : Beat The Clock)

In a bedroom, filled with decorative things. Decoration and colors meant for children. Little girl. A little girl who seems to be African American, can be seen sleeping soundly on her bed. A tall, medium build man enters, African American too, walks slowly towards her and sits by her bedside. He puts his hand on her and starts to shake her gently, waking her up.

“Hmmm,” says the little girl.
“Wake up sweetie, it’s time for school.”
“Five more minutes daddy.”
“Yesss~ and next you’ll fake your fever*the father smiles and carries her up on her feet*. C’mon.”

Moments later, the three of them including the mother eats their breakfast.

“Daddy when are you going back to work? Fighting bad people?”
“Sweetie!~” Says the mother.
*Smiles* not anytime soon. It’s going to be centuries before I go back to work.”
“Won’t you get paid?”
“Yes, I still do get paid.”
“Ok honey, stop interviewing your dad now before he chokes,” says the mother.
“She may be the next Oprah Winfrey.” Says dad.
“Ok sweetie, say goodbye to your dad we’re leaving soon.”
“By daddy,” the little girl kisses her dad on the cheek and makes her way to the car.

The man’s wife, a Caucasian give him a hug and a kiss like she always does and makes her way to the car. The father walks with her to the car and waves them goodbye as they drove away from the front yard. The father walks to the post box to check for mails. His neighbor’s door just slammed wide opened.

“Mr. Clarke!! Mr. Clarke!!!” the neighbor a mid-thirties girl, runs out of the door in agony, crying and calling Clarke at the top of her voice. Running towards him.

“Hey~ calm down, what’s the problem are you okay?”
“My dad!! My dad!! Please help him!! Something is wrong with him!” Brings Clarke into her house to inspect the neighbor’s father.

The girl’s father lays on the floor struggling to breathe and stopped moving. Clarke inspects the father and concluded that he is dead. The girl cries and hugs her father. Clarke tries her house phone to call but it was dead. Her cell phone was nowhere to be found. He went back to his house to call for an ambulance for further investigation. As he was walking back, the neighbor girl runs out and slams the door at the back of her. And bolts it with a two by four she found nearby. Clarke turns back and ask what was wrong. The father who was supposed to be dead somehow threw himself out of the window. Stood back up as soon as he stands, he bits the girl neck of and Clarke shove him away in the nick of time before he took the whole head off. The girl was bleeding bad, she died in a few seconds due to the loss of a huge amount of blood. The father turns to Clarke and starts running and was about to attack him.

Clarke grab a two by four nearby, swung it breaking the father’s head into pieces. Clarke stands there in shock, not knowing what he has just done and what was going on. Few short moments later, he heard a loud crash and explosion in a distance. He ran towards the scene, it was not far from where he was but still it was quite a distance. As he reached the scene, all he see was a tanker collision with a 3 other cars and the fire was burning fast. The smoke was growing.

“Urrrgghh!!” as Juliette was the first one out the window jumping onto the ground below, Steve threw down the shot gun to her  for cover, making sure no zombies tries to attack them from below. Steve and Chris work together as they lower Nancy down. The distance between the ground and the house was approximately 10 feet, all they gotta do is make sure they land safely. Steve goes through as Chris covers him, shooting few of them zombies that was coming through the door. Chris jumps and lands. Spraining his ankle during the process. With a limp, they all ran back out the gate, shooting through zombies that tries to block their way, hoping Jack is back by the car where they last parked it with the engine running. They reach the car in the nick of time, before the whole place was hoarded again, Jack was already in the car with the engine running and sped off as soon as they entered.

  “Arrghhh.” Chris in agony over the pain of his sprained perhaps maybe broken ankle.
“Chris, there’s blood coming out,” Juliette warns.
“Give me your hanker Chris.” Nancy takes Chris’s handkerchief out of his back pocket and tied it on his ankle to where she suspects the blood is coming from.

“I’m okay, I’ll be alright. Says Chris.
“Just drive.” Steve suggests.
“where?” Jack was still questioning.
“Jack we’ve got to get out of this city, in no time it’s going to be filled with those things.”
“Chris, I don’t know where.”
“I think there is a small town not far from here. Elts town. We”ll just find a place to crash once we get there.”
“And let’s just hope~that place is not infested~with those things,” says Nancy.

They drove for two hours, they reached Elts town in the nick of time that their car ran out of fuel. They got out on foot, Jack helps Chris walk as he was limping the whole way. Not too far, they saw a four-storey building surrouned by barbwires. A lot of barbwires and it was at least five feet high.

“Looks like someone didn’t want anything getting in,” explains Jack.
“Or out,” Juliette.
“HEYY!!! HELLO!! Anyone in there!!??” Jack shouts.
“Hey~ quiet down, you’re going to attract those things,” explains Steve.
“Look.. someone, is coming out,” says Nancy. As a tall African American man steps out with a shotgun, pointing at them, approaching the fence where they were.

“Who are you people?” ask the man.
“Look, we just need a place to stay for the night. Our friend is injured, please help us. We’ll get the hell out of here tomorrow morning,” Steve explains.

“…. You can stay here for as long as you need,” Explains the man as he opens the barbwire door he made.

The man told Jack to put Chris down onto the counter as they entered the building which turns out to be a weapon shop. The man introduces himself as Clarke as he inspects Chris’s ankle.

“Chris, your ankle is dislocated, I need to push it in it back. You need stiches too, you cut yourself deep around your ankle as well. Seem to be glass in it.” Explains Clarke.

“Damn.. alright do what you got to do.”
“Steve, Jack I need a favor.. there is a hospital nearby. Six blocks down, get to the pharmacy there, and get me supplies to stich your friend up. Steve, you’re cop, you know what to get. Right?”

“Yea, Clarke. Got it.”
“Ok. *Turns to Nancy and Juliette* get that blanket over there and put it on your Chris’s ankle.”

As Steve and Jack was about to leave.

“Oh fellas. One more thing. It’s almost sundown, get your asses back here before the sun sets. Don’t forget.” Explains Clarke.

“Why so?” Ask Jack.
“Those things here, in this town somehow different. I don’t know why they only come out at night.. and they’re fast.. Really fast. And agile.”

“We’ll be back before sundown,” Steve.

Steve and Jack had no problem making their way to the hospital. As they arrived, dead bodies were everywhere, their brains were all over. Without wasting anytime they found the pharmacy and got what they need to help Chris get back on his feet. The sun was already setting, they were losing light, shades were everywhere. As they were making their way back, they walk pass a manhole that was not closed and heard sounds. Sounds as if someone or something was climbing the ladder out. They paused for a second to see what was coming out, they were stunned to see a zombie without eyes climbed out and started sniffing and listening around.

They back off slowly, Jack stepped on a pack of empty cigarette box. The both of them were five feet away, the blind zombie just leaped and landed on Jack. Steve tried to get the zombie off Jack but was overpowered, he was shoved away. Jack without hesitant, fire the shotgun and blew the zombie’s head off.

The gunshot may have made more of these kind of zombies come climbing out of the sewers, leaping and running towards them. They started running as they got themselves back up. Steve and Jack open fired of those who were closing in. it just didn’t help much, all the gunshot did was attracted and told the zombies their location. They ran as fast as they could, so did the zombies. Steve and Jack footsteps while they run enable the zombies to know the direction they were going via their sense of hearing. Steve reach the fence was, and was about to open it.

“Don’t touch it!!!!” Clarke screams as he turns off the voltage of the fence.
“C”mon get it!!” Steve and Jack went through the door as the voltage was turned down. Three zombies got to the fence, Clarke turned the voltage back on. They died of electrocution.

“Now! You’re going to tell me what the fuck was those things!!!!” Jack demanded an explanation.
“Jack calm down,” Steve.
“Let me save your friend first.”

They got back inside as Clarke work on Chris’s ankle.

“You guys were suppose to get back before sundown I told you that.”
“Hey man~ six blocks is far. Unlike you people, you guys are sprinters. Right? Bolt?
*Clarke turns his head around. Irritated*… you people?? Bolt?? Usain Bolt? You better watch your mouth!! *stands up and threatens Jack*

“HEYY!!! ENOUGH!!! Jack apologize. APLOGIZE!! Instructs Nancy.
*Jack sighs and holds his head as he looks down* I’m sorry Clarke.
“Clarke. Please help my friend,” Nancy pleads.

Clarke gets back into attending Chris’s injuries as best as he can. After wrapping it up, he starts to tell what he knows, over a bunch of can eatable can food he salvage.

“So, these things, I’ve never seen them before, they’re not your usual zombies. Don’t ask me why but, the sun seems to burn into their eyes badly. Even without their cornea’s, it still somehow burns their eye sockets. That’s what makes them unable to get out into the sun. That’s not the only thing, they somehow eat one another.”

“what? I thought they only eat normal people like us,” asked Juliette.
“Both. Don’t ask me why. So, your turn to tell your story.”

“We did not know where to go.. We were looking for Nancy’s mother but we haven’t found her yet. We got to her uncle’s house where we suspect she was but she wasn’t. There were traces of someone escaping, after that we just drove to the nearest town and here we are,” Chris explains to Clarke.

“You guys are on a suicide mission. Doing something without a plan.”
“Well, at least it was something,” says Steve.
“I’m heading to the military based up north. There is a helicopter there, I suggest you guys better come with me.”

“You’re a pilot for the army or something?” Ask Juliette.
“Bomb squad actually. But I learnt a thing a two about flying.”
“Chris, my mom.”
“Shit~ Evelyn, Sarah. Clarke, by any chance, you heard any military message on the radio or anywhere regarding where to go for safety and etc?” Ask Chris.

“Why did you think I came here? I’m from the east coast.”
“Hey I have a radio, and a car battery. Perhaps I can connect it and use it….” Explains Juliette.
“No, not now. We wait till morning.” Clarke.

“Listen, I’m going to the military based with the helicopter. I’m more than willing to take you guys.”

Silence by the group.

“By dawn, we fix the radio and we sent a message on the distress channel, whoever is looking for a sign of life will listen to that channel. If they’re listening, they’ll come. I’m sure.”

“You guys ok with that?” ask Chris.
“It’s worth a shot,” answers Jack.
"Hope our love ones are listening," states Chris

(To Be Continued)

Giving A Helping Hand

Last Friday, I went to help a friend of mine at her booth that she opened at Kosan, Likas(Near S.M All Saints High School) selling clothes for teens as well for the adults. Girls clothing mostly. Only, by the looks of it. Giving away 1 free cupcake for every purchase that was made. Well that was last Friday, not sure if that promotion still holds till now. People come and go but there were few purchases made. For now, the booth will be in operation for only three months. Ending sometime at the end of June if I'm not mistaken.