Monday, January 16, 2012

The Dragon, Chinese New Year Shoot~

So finally after so long, yesterday we(Me,Cheryl,Mahira,Brenda and Jeremiah) had a photoshoot. With Cheryl being our model we were able to pull it off, although the shoot did not last that long, but we did had our fun hanging out with each other and all. Chinese New Year is approaching, so as you can see the theme for this shoot is Chinese New Year..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello Im 2012, Have A Nice Day

Its a new year, 2012. And its normal I guess for us not to realize how fast time passes by just like that. Like the old saying goes "They grow up so fast/ Time passes so fast" and etc. Well, its been awhile since I've uploaded pictures, well I havn't been on photo shoots or outings lately. So here are some pictures from the years before, just wanted to share the good ol times.

Exams are finally done, and now perhaps is time to hunt down for jobs, but I guess Ill put my legs up for while. And do other things first.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


There is a mushroom in the ocean,
I can't believe you turned the key,
You stare into the sky,
As it filled with dust of change.

As you walk across the streets of neon lights,
All you see is a reflection of yourself,
Head held up high,
As the wind blows your sins away.

Pulling around the strings,
Getting away with slings,
Getting yourself,
What you need.

You fell,
And opened your eyes,
You feel fabric comforting you,
Its just in your head,
Projections of your mind,
You're just an elderly,
Filled with regrets,
Dying to live in the youth again.