Thursday, July 28, 2011

OverFlare(Experiemental 2)

Ok so, few months back, I was watching the new Star Trek on DvD. Surprisingly it was quite good for me,it has one too many flares.. ok fair enough, you're in space and flares can happen like every second..fine.. Now, 2 months ago, I watched Super 8. Same guy who did Star Trek. Again one too many flares..And you're on earth. So why not? For this post, I played around with flares.. You can barely see it in the last picture, sorry about that. I really think, I need to use those movie kind of flares, those rectangular long ones, not the camera kind of flares.. I think there is like a plug-in for it or something,like an add-on to download..It may look better.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yesterday Once More(experimental 1)

Its been awhile, too long since I've been posting pictures here.. Havn't been able to go out on shoots or just take a bunch of random pictures that looks cool.. Well~exams are coming soon, assignments all done,once exams are done, pictures will be flying in. I hope.. So~yesterday once more? These pictures were from the shoot at Tanah Emas or better known as my other post " Every sha~la~la~la".. these are the few pictures I have not posted.. well this time, I played around a little bit too much with it, tease the photoshop's options here and there.. well its not much of a difference,but I tried making it sorta different.. Hope it has a difference..

Soon more pictures will come no worries..perhaps a few stories or poem as well..