Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aya Sensei's Surprise Birthday

Today we celebrated Okamura,Aya sensei's birthday which was suppose to be tomorrow. Celebrated it today because we wont be having any class with her tomorrow and friday would be too late for the surprise. Elaine who was the mastermind got me,Alexandra and Elvina to pull of this surprise. On that day itself we got Daniel and Aosima sensei to help us out as well. We had a great time throwing a surprise party for her and eating the cake too of course. And,a big thank you to Elaine for bringing/choosing the was delicious..

Stockholm Syndrome

August 12th 2011, 10 am. Outside the parking lot of an old building, the overall area is covered with jungle, its been filled up with cars arriving. Some got dropped off, some drove and some arrives in a bus getting off with no hurry. Those who arrive, quickly went into the old building which seems to be the main hall of the place and registered their name which indicated that they did enrolled. Everyone was told to take their seats in the hall while the one in charge goes on stage and gave a speech and briefing ,at the end of her briefing she said “ Welcome To Outward Bound School”

Altogether they are 30 participants who participate for this 2 weeks of OBS(Outward Bound School) camp. The participants are ordered to go to their assigned rooms and were asked to gather out on the grass field after 5 minutes of settling down and getting into their sports gear. Once gathered outside, the instructor divided the large group of 30 into a smaller group of 15 each. That small group of 15 again is divided into a much smaller group of 3.

“As you can see these obstacles. You have to help each other in your group to get through it,” instructs the instructor.

The instructor continues to speak, meanwhile..

“I guess I am the only guy in this group huh?”
“Don’t even think of making any funny moves, I am able to break you,” states girl #1
“Guys~ we got to concentrate on getting through these obstacles, especially the wall, “ girl #2.
“The name’s Taylor by the way, yours?” *looks at girl #1*
“Am not going to get all emo. Here, you can call me girl #1.”
“sheesh, mine’s Nancy. We better get going, girl #1 is getting ahead of us already.”

May 16th 2009, at a pent house in the city. Taylor comes home for his lunch break from his office.

“Darlin!! Am home for lunch!! Haha!! First time able to escape from that hell hole at this hour!!..Sweetie??”

Taylor notices that there was no one at the living room, but he hears moaning from the second floor bedroom, he prepares for the worst as he goes to the bedroom and opens the door.

His girlfriend noticed he came through the door and looks at him with confused eyes. The man with her acted like he did not know anything.

“So~ this is what you’ve been moonlighting? Besides being my girlfriend?”
“Listen its not what you think it is,” says Karen, Taylor’s girlfriend.
“Oh yeah I heard that excuse before!! In the movies!!!
“I am lonely ok!!???
“wait till you feel lonely and tell me how you feel.”

Back at OBS, the trio were about to climb over the wall.

“Ladies first ,” Taylor suggest.
“I feel much comfortable for you not to push me up from the butt,” states Nancy.
“suit yourself,” Taylor climbs and as he reaches the top he helps Nancy up. While helping girl #1, she let her hand go.

“What are you doing?”
“Taylor I can’t do it”
“Ill help you out.”
“I can’t.
“Just skip the climbing if you are unable to do so”, instructs the instructor.
“Alright, Thanks.”

September 29th 2009, at a café somewhere in town. Taylor is having a sit down with his mate Joe over a cup of tea.

“I miss her.”
“C’mon man, alright it is normal to miss someone though after breaking up, you feel like you have made the wrong decision or something,”

“I think I did.”
“Listen here mate, remember all those stories you’ve been telling me? Things that she has done to you and all? Lies and shit?”

“ I know but, I don’t know.”
“ok, you knew she was being unfaithful to you since when? February this year according to you. you’ve been together for 2 years this year. And yet she pulled this stunt on you. Think of it this way, you want to get hurt again?”

“No I don’t, but I still love her, regardless of what she has done. I would do anything to fix it but I don’t think so.”
“Sigh, I feel for you mate, been there before. Its all up here mate *points to his head* and down here as well plays a role*points to his chest*.

16th August 2011, day 5 of camp. Nancy was awaken by the knock on the room door by the instructor at 6.15a.m. Participants were told to make their way to the beach for the morning exercise. At 7 am they made their way to the dining hall for breakfast before their next activity. She sat on the table which was shortly joined by girl #1 and Taylor.

“Morning ladies, slept well?”Taylor asked.
“Bed was comfy.”
“None of your business Taylor.”
“Morning blues,” States girl #1.

12th August 2008, at a Italian restaurant somewhere in town. Nancy and her husband, were enjoying their dinner. Meanwhile. At the next table. As Nancy and her husband turns around to have a look see.

*People on the table cheer*
“okok, this is our first anniversary being together as boyfriend and girlfriend and I want to say to you darling. I love you.” *The man kisses his girlfriend*
*Louder cheering*
*In a distance, a voice* “pay that bill Tay...”*fades*

Back to Nancy’s table.
“kids these days, spend their money like water. Remember us back in the days, the 80’s all we do is just build stuff and you made me a bouquet for our first anniversary”
“I had to steal them from the garden.. ok~ park.”
“Sweet of you.” *kisses*

16th August 2011, noon.
“How far do we have to paddle this kayak?” Ask Taylor.
“Just follow my lead, not too far left, once we get there, we walk back to the OBS via the highway.. we’ll be meeting the other team there. The other half of the participants. They however will be using these kayaks to go back to OBS via water,” states the instructor.

“you ok back there girl #1?” She is sitting at the second seat at the kayak with Taylor.
“I’m doing great, I don’t think Nancy is.”
*points at Nancy as she looked gloom*

25th August 2008, Nancy’s husband. Robert. Punches her in the face, pushes her down to the ground.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?? It is not wrong for me to go and hang with my friends and have a drink or two!!”
“you were.. always... never home.. I missed you. You are always on trips..”

Robert kicks her in the stomach, Nancy spits blood.

“ you’re saying I am cheating on you!!?? Is that it!!!????”
“I’ve never said you were cheating on me...”

Robert walks away. Two days later Nancy meets up with her best friend Rebecca at a café uptown, and told her about her ordeal that she had been going through for the past number of days. She states that she do not know the reason what lead him to become so violent like this. Rebecca reckons that she reports this incident to the authorities but Nancy insists on giving Robert the chance to change.

Robert went on a business trip and won’t be home for a number of days. Nancy decides to go through Robert’s things and belongings to find out what might have caused him to change.

16th August 2011, 2.15 p.m.
“God damn its hot!!”
“Try not to talk much Taylor, it just gets hotter the more you talk,” advises the instructor.
Girl #1 walks with an umbrella.
“Can we share?” asked Taylor.
“It can only fit one person, which is me,” answers sarcastically.
“How can she stand being in this hot weather under that hood?” Taylor points at Nancy.
“Give her sometime, she’s not being herself at the moment.”

2nd January 2009, its been almost 6 months, and the abuse kept on coming. But 5 days ago, Robert asked for forgiveness from Nancy and pledge that he will get help for himself. To fix himself from this disease named abuser. Before he does so, he brings Nancy to Australia, to the outback for a vacation to forget about everything that has happen and to start a new. On their way back from the outback, they drove pass deserts, out of the sudden Robert stops the car by the side of the road and kicks Nancy out of car. He throws her backpack out as well. Robert once again punches her and kicks her in the stomach. He went back into the car and drove away and left her there for dead.

Nancy, with her backpack crawls by the side of the road hoping for a passer by. Its been almost 2 hours now in the Australian desert. Which feels like forever. She reaches into her backpack for water and realizes she has a satellite phone. She calls Rebecca, she tries to tell Rebecca her situation. But she was mumbling due to the extend injuries she receive and the striking hot weather. She was unable to explain and fainted. Rebecca knew something was wrong, she alerted the Australian authorities to track her call and etc, Rebecca and her husband quickly took the first plane off to Australia. The Australian authorities was able to trace the call and found her lying covered in her own blood on the road side of the desert. She was rushed to the hospital by air that instant.

5th January 2009, Nancy awakens and sees Rebecca and her husband by her side bed in the hospital.

“Hey girl you feeling better?”
“That bastard isn’t here. Apologies for my chosen word. But yeah he isn’t here,” Rebecca’s husband assuring Nancy.
“Bill, I know you are a lawyer and you came together to help me.. but please do not convict him,” begs Nancy.
“What!!??” Rebecca in shock.
“The man nearly killed you, if found guilty he could be charge with manslaughter or even attempted murder.”
“Bill please, do not report anything about what has happen. You too Rebecca. I love him.”
“After what he did to you? Nancy dear, please for my sake, I’m your best friend, anything happen to you I’ll cry my damn eyes out because I was unable to aid my best friend. And I am standing looking at her body being lowered into the ground!!”

“I love him, for better or for worst.”
“Sweetie, if you love him, you’ll do the right thing for him..”
“But I do not want to see him get punish. I do not want to see him suffer in jail.”
“Rebecca darling, I think let Nancy rest for a little while longer. Nancy, get some rest ok, we’ll come back again. When you are well enough think about this.”

“I already have.”

As Bill and Rebecca walks out the door. Rebecca walks out first, Bill turns around..

“If it hadn’t been for you, Rebecca and I would not be together now. So I owe you.”

Five days later, Nancy is still in the hospital bed, she sees her cell phone on her bedside. She picks it up, and dials.

“Hello Rebecca dear, is Bill there? I’m going to do the right thing.”

16th August 2011, 5.30p.m, dining hall.
“Nancy,*Taylor gives her a cold bottle of water* please drink some before you die.”

Nancy smiles, takes the bottle and drinks it.

“You feeling better now? You got us worried sick back there.”
“Girl #1 you worry me more, till now you still have not told us your name. Surprisingly even the instructor do not shout out your name.”

“Yeah what’s that about?” Taylor questions sarcastically.
“Its Melissa”
“Finally,” Nancy and Taylor.
“what’s up with you during the walk?” asked Melissa to Nancy.
“I just don’t like the hot sun, the hot weather, had a bad experience with it.”

The instructor goes upfront of the dining hall and explains that, there would not be any night activities and the participants are free to roam around the area. They have to get back to the dining hall by 8p.m for dinner and 9.30p.m for supper. And that for the next couple of days there will be camping for the groups and they’re going to camp at the island nearby as well. They’ll be kayaking to the island.

June 11th 2007, at a restaurant in a mall. Melissa is taking a customer’s order. The chef’s calls Melissa to take the prepared dish to its ordered table. As she arrives she sees a couple, the man with length hair and the girl with a shoulder length hair. The man asked the girl he was with..

“will you be my girlfriend?”
*The girl looks up and around with a big smile. Very shy*

“Say yes gurl!” Says Melissa.
The three of them laughed as Melissa served them their food.

It was night, Melissa’s shift is over. She heads home to her apartment. The distance from her apartment to her workplace isn’t far but still a distance. She reaches home to see her mother and two brothers still watching tv. She has a conversation with them and heads to bed. The next morning she was awaken to the sound of her alarm clock. She heads for work at 8.30a.m as the alarm ranged at 7.45 a.m. She walks her usual path to work. While walking, she decides to head towards the bank to withdraw.

While withdrawing, the bank was held up by man in masks. 4 of them. With guns, big guns.

21st August 2011, Taylor tries to make a fire. A bonfire. He has been trying to do so for 3 days, now 4th. As he blows he just could not get the smoke out of his eyes and tears up. Finally on this day, he succeed in making a fire.

“Finally, Damn.”

Today is the last day that their half of the group camp out on mainland, tomorrow morning as the other half returns their half will go to the island via kayak and camp there.

“so what you do for a living?” ask Melissa to Nancy.
“I’m a kindergarten teacher.”
“Your kids must be missing you huh?”
“I guess, they’re adorable.”

“Taylor, you?” Melissa asked.
“Am a P.A for the boss of my company.”
“Male? Female?” Nancy wonders
“She must be tough.”
“Haha, she’s smooth.”
“What does that suppose to mean?” Melissa ask.
“Nothing~~.” *smiles*

June 12th 2007, 9.15a.m. The four robbers finished rounding up the people inside the bank and keeping them quiet. Two of them were standing around upfront while the other two work on getting the money from the counter.

“C’mon guys!! Lets go!! Lets go!!,” Robber #1.

As they ran outside the building was already surrounded by the police.

“Owh shit! Get back in!! get back in!!!,” orders Robber #1.
Back inside.

“Jim!! What are we going to do man!!??”
“Shut up dimwit!! No names!!”
“arghh! No point, we’re gonna be dead soon.” Robber #2. *Takes his mask off*
“Max, you mad!!??” Robber #3.
“If you realized this bank has no back door Edward.” *At the same moment, Robber #3 takes his mask off*
“The only way out is down, but we do not have the equipment to do so, isn’t that right Jim?” Robber #4
“Whatever you say Andy, What ever you say.”

Now all the Robbers have took off their mask.

Its been 4 hours since the robbery, everyone inside the bank is quiet. Dead silence. The robbers are walking around. The guards were too frail to fight back. Jim and Andy are talking to each other at one corner of the bank. Max still has his guard up at the hostages. Edward however approach a couple who looked frightened.

“Get away!! What the fuck do you want!!??” ask the angrily husband.
“Hey, hey calm down.” *Jim and Andy turn their heads to see what’s going on.”
“You’re doing a good job there protecting her. Ma’am, you’ll be fine.”
“You got a girlfriend or wife of your own?” ask the man’s partner.
“She left me for another, says I’m not rich enough.”
“She’ll regret it, what’s your name?”
“Name’s Edward. What’s your name?”
“Nancy, my husband Robert.”

“Oii~ what the hell are you doing Ed? This isn’t a social visit. ” Ask Jim.
“Hey take it easy, they’re just scared.”
“You want me to shoot you in the head?”
“hey!!hey!! we’re in this together, he’s just....” stammers Andy.
“Just what!!?? Sigh~ sorry man I lost my temper,” Jim.
“Take it easy.” Ensures Edward.

“Max!! where’s the bank manager?” ask Jim.

Max looks for the bank manager, a 50 year old man, and finds him, he brings the bank manager to Jim.

“Listen here,*looks at name tag* Johnny. Is there another exit out of here?”
“No, I’m sorry to say,” ensures the bank manager.
“Don’t bullshit with me!!! *grabs Johnny by the collar closer*

“Hey!!! * Melissa stands up and walks towards the robbers and Johnny* let him go. There are no back doors here in this bank.”

“And how do you know?” ask Max.
“My dad use to work here and I use to roam around whenever he brings me here. I’ve checked and double checked. Not a single exit via the back. At all.”

August 22nd 2011, 11.30 a.m. As the other half of the group returns. The first half of the group, prepares to board their kayak and make their way to the island.

“Instructor?” calls Taylor.
“Are you sure its safe to kayak there?”
“what do you mean?”
“Look at the waves. * The waves were strong, wind were blowing moderately strong. There was no storm coming ahead* I mean, look at them!”

“Ah~ that’s the thrill of it.”
“what!? You do know we can loose our lives right?”
“Not to worry, no one is going to die today.” *Giggles*
Nancy “ we’re fucked”

As they kayak through the seas, the waves have not been friendly to them. From time to time it hit their kayaks hard. Another participant’s kayak nearly capsize.

“This is what he meant by not to worry!!!????” Taylor.
“Just hang in there, we’re nearly there!!” Melissa.
“Are you hearing what I’m hearing!!??” Nancy.
“Woohoooooo!!!!! C’mon God, is this the biggest and baddest you can offer!!!??? Woohoooo,” The instructor screams in delight.

June 15th 2007, noon. Its been four days since the robbery. The hold up was still on going. The robbers were still in the bank. So are the hostages. The robbers demanded for food and water, which were given to them eventually few days earlier when the demand was made.

“So technically you are doing this with your buddies cause you think you life is over without her. Is that so?” Ask Nancy.
“Sort of, technically.... I meant.. YES.. “ Answers Edward.
“Dude, she’s going to regret doing that to you, I mean, I sense that you’re a hard worker, the kind of guy who works his ass off. Besides, you’re good guy, a nice guy..all of you are.. I guess you’re all are just lost puppies or perhaps, people who are just looking for answer for themselves. About themselves. If you weren’t good guys we would be dead by now.” Says Robert.

“So why are you guys doing this?” Ask Melissa to Max.
“why are you guys bank robbing.”
“Don’t talk to me about this, talk to Jim. He’s the leader.”
“Leader he may be, but yet still, there must be a reason.”
“I’m just doing this cause, they are my best bud. I owe them, they got me off the drugs. I know we have a choice but, sometimes we just gotta do the wrong thing to get the right results. Right?”

“I cant say.”

Melissa walks to Jim. Jim was sitting and looking downwards at the same time he was having a conversation with Andy. As Melissa approaches, the conversation stops.

Melissa “ what’s up? Are you ok?”
Jim “ I didn’t expect this to happen.”
“I planned that we got out of here in 60 seconds the latest.”
“We are unsure what to do next,” answers Andy.
Melissa “sighs”

August 22nd, 2pm. It took them at almost two and a half hours to get to the island due to the strong waves. Taylor, Melissa, Nancy are putting up their camp where the three of them will be sleeping in one camp. They also helped other participants to build up their tent.

“ok listen, rule number 1, when we say get out we wanna change, you get out you hear? And when we sleep, no funny moves, we can break you,” Says Melissa.

“Damn alright take it easy ok!!?? You’re treating me like I’m some kind of pervert..” Taylor.

June 20th 2007, Evening. Outside the bank.

“Detective Jack, we’ve got to move in and get them out of there. They have been in there for days now,” Says a police officer.
“Look, we have been talking to the robbers, they won’t dare to pull any stunt. Besides, we have them snipers up high.. Just in case.”

Back in the bank, the robbers were getting impatient. Max is feeling uneasy, feels as if he is about to freak out.

“Is your friend allright?” Ask Melissa to Andy about Max.
Andy approaches Max as he is in cold sweat and feeling uneasy “ Max, you alright there buddy?”

“Enough, I’ve had it, I’m getting the hell out of here!!!”
“Max..WAIIITT!!!,” Jim screams.

Max went out of the bank with his hands held up, gun on one hand.

“His got a gun!!!!” yells the police officer.
“Wait no!! stop!! Hold your fire!!!” order’s Jack.

The sniper got him straight in the head. Max fells to the ground as Jim and the other rushed outside to his aid.
As they reached outside, they were surrounded by rifles and pistols pointing straight towards them. They raised their hands, go on their knees and put their hands behind their heads. The hostages were released, family were reunited, Melissa was greeted by  her mother and her brothers.

Two days later in court, all of the 16 people who were hostages, were brought up to the stand. Not even one of them, even Melissa herself, testified against them. All of them were defending the robbers.

“These men you see right here, were robbing the bank aren’t they?” The lawyer ask Melissa.
“As far as I’m concern, they were rehearsing for a movie. Or was it a play that they were about to make?hmm.”

Everybody was dumbfounded, even the judge. At the end of the day, the robbers were sent to prison for 3 months plus community service for threatening to kill.

August 25th 2011, 2.30 a.m. Island camp site. The beach. Melissa awoke in the middle of the night, and found out Taylor was not next to her like how the sleeping arrangement was arranged. She got out of the camp to find Taylor was standing facing the sea at shore, she walks towards him as the breeze blew a lightly.

“Can’t sleep?” Melissa.
“I can, its just tough to sleep. My ex, she text messaged me.”
“what did she say?”
“I miss you.”
“And you replied?”
“Well I plan to reply ‘screw you’ but I’m still thinking.”
“*Laughs* so you stand out here all night long to figure out whether or not to text ‘screw you’ to her huh?”
“Honestly, I don’t know why am I thinking this way about her.. I mean, I feel like I’m thinking and feeling like how girls also do. I mean usually, men will just like go party or have a one night stand and so on, where girls will be emo and stuff though. Correct me if I’m wrong about you girls. *snicker*”

“Well doing so doesn’t make you girlie or what so ever. At least you know how we girls feel when you men cheat on us or break up with us with no reason what so ever.”

“I guess.”
“don’t worry, you’re a good man, you’re a nice and kind person. I would be with you but..”
“But what?”
“You’re not exactly my type.”
“Bullshit, what is that suppose to mean? You’re lesbian?”
“*giggle* *Slaps Taylor at the back of his head* “no silly, if I was I’ll be all over Nancy by now”

*Melissa grabs Taylor by the arm*
“Ok now you listen, lets go back to camp and get some sleep. I don’t want to drown cause my partner in front fell asleep while paddling. You hear?”

“*Giggle* yes ma’am”

They finally went to bed that night. The next morning they wake up they ate their breakfast, packed up their things and got ready to head back to the mainland. They left the island at 8.30 a.m. due to rough seas as they went through it slowly they reach mainland by 10a.m. They packed up the remaining of their things that they left in their room that was locked for safety. At 1p.m after their lunch, they headed to the main building. The main hall to attend the closing ceremony, where they’ll receive their certificate of participation. The ceremony ended at 2p.m. the parking lot was emptied by all of the participants who made their way home right after the ceremony. All that is left there was the trio.

“So~ where you heading?” Melissa ask Nancy.
“I’m going home, then I’m off to the airport. Going to visit a friend of mine in Australia. Today, I’m catching the red eye.”
“Safe flight to you then *hugs*.”
“And you? You’re going to be alright?” Melissa ask Taylor.
“Yea I am, hadn’t reply here yet.”
“Well you better do.”
“Hey guys, thanks all. Keep in touch alright?” Nancy bid farewell*group hug*

Nancy droves off.

“Ok I’m going off, its nice knowing you Taylor. Good bye.”
“Hey Melissa, I don think I’ll be replying my ex anytime soon though. And I might forget.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I would like to spend time with my friend first before I do so. If I forgotten, too bad for her. Ill buy the movie tickets and she’ll buy the food. I guess I have to convoy with her back to her house cause she can’t leave her car.”

“You’re cute.”

They both left the Outward Bound School and made their way back. Home.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black And White Night

So finally I am posting pictures again..Yesterday our photography club had a photo taking session which we used the backdrop made by Jeremiah. We had lotsa fun doing so and we used the room over its booking limit(limit 2 hours).. We also used flash guns to enhance its lighting effects.. The last two pictures were pictures from a photo shoot few months back..(the last one was from my open house) I am just trying out photoshop CS3(yeah its CS4 or is it 5 now? or 6) so yeah, experimenting with it and I seem to be getting a hang of the black and white style..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On This Day, I...

Yes, Its finally done.. This is my first attempt ever in making a short movie. Something that I have wanted to do for quite sometime now but do not have the proper equipment to do so.. For the success of this short movie I would like to thank Fizzie and Jeremiah for helping shoot this short movie. Jerom for fixing my laptop and giving me pinnacle studio(Jeremiah helped updated my laptop as well).. And Jared(my friend's brother/ Tamar's Brother) for inspiration via his short movie The Amadis Project-the graveyard shift(check this out too)..

Its been awhile as well since I've posted pictures/ photos.. Ill be re-starting to post pictures/photos again soon..