Saturday, March 16, 2013

Accession(Chapter 1 : In the beginning)

A woman enters a cave where it was only lit by the sunlight through the cave mouth. She looks over her shoulders every second to make sure no one was behind her. She ventures deeper into the cave which has now revealed itself to be a mountain, there were two gigantic beings were trapped and locked in the rocks of the mountain. One of them had hundreds of hands, another has one eye.

She approaches the beings closely, lays her hands gently on the rocks that binds them. Feeling melancholy. “My sons, I will release you soon. She leans her head against the rocks. “And he will pay for what he has done.”

Exterior of a castle, in a kingdom that was dates away going into a new age. Siblings, two brothers and a sister can be seen planting plants and flowers.

“I hope this is worth something Rhea.”
“So you rather get cooped up in that room of yours being smothered by those whores Hyperion?”
“Seriously Rhea? You’re going to touch on that issue now? We’re helping you planting these flowers, you should thank us.”

“I haven’t seen mother all day, have any of you seen her?” Kronos inquires.
“No, she does this almost all the time, didn’t you realize?” Rhea answers.
“No she doesn’t, I mean she does, but never this long. These past few days she’s been gone long,” Hyperion answers.

“What about her and father, they haven’t been the happiest couple I’ve seen so far,” Kronos feeling worried. “Should we try and do something about it?”

“My dear siblings, before you two darlings were born, we tried. Mother seems to be holding on to some grudge against father,” Hyperion explains. A guard approaches them, informing them the queen, their mother summons them in her chambers. As they arrived, everyone of their other siblings were present as well.

“My sons, my daughters. I have summon you into my chambers for a reason. Is about your father. As you can see he is not with us today, no he is not dead.” Gaia, the mother of twelve children. Sons and daughters. She takes out a sickle from a large box at the foot of her bed. “This was forged by a skilled blacksmith, my creation. It’ll be used for castration, hence, execution. I need to kill your father children, but I cannot do it alone. I want to know, which of you, who is willing to execute the execution.” Every one of them were in shocked to hear what their mother has to say.

“What are you talking about mother? This is not right. Why? What has father ever…”
“DONE TO ME!!??” Gaia cuts off Oceanus as he was trying to justify his father. “Child, you do not know and you do not want to know what that man you call father has done. All I asked if anyone of you who wants to execute him.”

“Mother this is not right~ listen we will talk about this together as a family. With father,” Oceanus tries to calm the situation down.

“Anyone who tries to speak of this, will be executed,” every one of her children walked out of her chambers with a strong silence.

“Rhea, you go on ahead. I’m going to try talk mother out of this.” Kronos returns to his mother’s chamber and tries to reason with her.

“Yes dear. Did you change your mind?”
“No, I’m here to reason with you.”
“There’s no point in reasoning my dear.”
“Can’t you just stop and think about it!!? It’s father we’re talking about here. Why do you have so much vengeance?” Gaia took her son’s hand. And she brings him to the mountain where  the gigantic beings were bind and trapped.

“Do you know them?” Gaia points towards the beings that were bind and trapped in the mountains.
“The Cyclops. And, the hundred-handed Hecatonchires. Father told us stories about them before. They were creatures.”

“Creatures? That’s what he told you? They are not creatures. They are your brothers. Youngest.”
“You said you lost them,” Kronos inquires feeling uneasy.
“That’s what your father wants all of you to think. I come here, and I see them. I feel guilty every single time I go to sleep at night. I always thought of myself as a bad mother who can’t even protect her own child.”

“You talk about protecting your child yet those who speaks of this will be executed. Even your own blood. What makes you different than father!!??”

“Sending them to another family would be sad, not being able to raise them up myself. Binding them into these stone walls!! Where was your father’s heart when he thought of this!!??” Gaia explains with despair. Kronos could only stay silent as he listens to his mother. Gaia breaks the ice again after the short moment of silence.

“You could be king,” says Gaia.

Kronos looks at her , feeling uneasy. Unable to believe what his mother had said.

                                                                     To Be Continued….

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Tea

As my throat dries,
I sip my tea while walking back,
The walk wasn't long but it was still a distance,
People were walking around at a normal pace,
The city was calm and quiet,
The atmosphere and aura were different,
I smell fuel in the air,
Is it just me?

I sip my tea as I was passing through the shop lots,
I can taste fuel in my mouth for reasons I don't know with every sip,
Were these cause by passing traffics?
I don't know how to end this,
But I got to my car safe and sound,
And my tea in the bin.