Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have traveled far,
In the crappy car,
The roads that were not taken,
End up being all broken,
Them taken roads,
 Ends up filled with screaming toads,
I see mirages of my memories all along the way,
That's the price I pay,
For being human,
In every wonderful moment.

I saw lights beaming down from the heavens,
Accompanied by flying ravens,
A screaming storm came by me,
The flying ravens disappeared in front of me.

Scars reminds us that the past is real,
A part of papa roach lyrics from where I peel,
I waited at the waiting stand, 
For your words to make me tan,
And I thought I could be a hero,
But I end up being a zero.

I'm sorry that the chain of prime,
Became rusty from time to time,
Its all about moving on and getting back up after getting hit,
Peeled that from the latest Rocky Balboa movie hit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look Up

Have you ever wonder,
About those things that happen,
But you don't see them,
what would it be like,
If you saw them?

All the time,
When we walk,
When we run,
We never look up,
All those times we walk in malls or houses or just plain buildings or outside,
We were never bothered to look up.

High low ceilings, domes and blue skies that cover our heads,
May just be materials that was use to complete a construction,
There are many things that happens above us,
Even though if it is just a small thing,
Just by looking up and see it,
It may or will change your life,
It was never proven so,
It doesn't hurt,
It doesn't cost a thing,
But its worth a try.

Footprints In The Sand

Here's my shadow,
Trails upon my footsteps,
Leaving those little footprints,
I'd call memory.

My feet experience the world,
My footprints leaves my mark,
On the surface I walked on,
Which only knew my true self.

One step shall lead to another,
Of a destined journey I took,
Of those blank pages written with thousands words,
It is a book of spilt ink and tears.

sip my tea,
As it has gone cold on a summer's day,
Its aroma,
Reminds me of the tears I've spilled,
Where I can spill no more.

Memories are indeed the shadows.
They may haunt and trail,
Written books and spilt your tea,
Yet in the end,
Those shadows of memory shall only appear to be as,
Footprints in the sand.
*A writing collaboration I had sometime ago..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On A Particular Day, I....

~Woke up
~Feeling A Slight Headache
~Grab My Towel
~Head For The Showers
~Put On Going Out Clothes
~Grab My Bag
~Waited For A Friend
~Fetch Another Friend
~Went Photoshoot
~Had Tea Break During Shoot
~Finished Photoshoot
~Sent Friend Back
~Went To Grab A Bite
~Reached Home
~Changed Into Home Clothes
~Headache Gotten Worst
~Took Meds.
~Went To Bed Early.

What is this? Find out soon enough coming soon... Ill be posting some pictures from a recent photo shoot I went, an experimental one~. Stay Tune..