Friday, July 13, 2012

Can I Kiss You?

A man opens up his eyes as he was still lying on his bed, unable to keep his eyes closed, he sees the time on this bedside clock. 2.23 a.m. Having difficulty in sleeping, the man wakes up and makes his way out of his room and on to the kitchen. The man did not turn on the lights as he is use navigating in the dark, he opens up his fridge and drinks from the carton filled with orange. Soft cries can be heard coming from the living room, the man walks towards the switch, turning it on revealing a brunette girl seating on his couch. His roommate. He pours a glass of warm water and joins her.

“So?” Ask the man.
“So what?” answers his roommate that looked as if she was in a foul mood and about to cry.
“Don’t you have work in the morning? Ask the roommate.
“Nope, I’m doing graveyard starting tomorrow. So they gave me a day off today,” answers the man.

“Going graveyard all the sudden will definitely mess up your body clock I must say. Why didn’t you fight for your morning shift anyway Frank?” the girl was having difficulties in talking as she was trying not to cry. This chokes her up.

“When the price for the maintenance of this apartment has increased. My pay during the day shift won’t be enough to pay it off. Even with your kindergarten teacher salary combine. So yea, I just took the initiative to do something about it. Somehow, they pay more for male nurses at St. Johns hospital doing graveyard.

She slowly leans her head on his shoulder.

“ *sighs* Lisa, just get some sleep okay. And perhaps you’ll feel better when you wake up later,” when Frank turns his head to Lisa on his shoulder, her eyes were already closed. She was fast asleep. Frank took a small pillow that was nearby, her head was placed on it and slowly Frank brings the pillow down to the cushion. Lights were off and Frank returns to his bed.

Frank jogs down the street which he does almost every single morning before work. Difference is, he can now start to jog a little bit later during the day. The street he lives in is a mixture of high rising buildings, few old ones and your typical small squared buildings. People crowd the streets up which makes his jogging journey a little bit more of a hustle. He’s cell was ringing, he picks it up and takes a breather at the same time. Frank cell phone went back into his pocket, he turns around and makes his way back to his apartment.

Lisa can be seen seating on the couch watching tv when Frank reached home.

“Hey,” Frank calls out to Lisa.
  Lisa turns around. “Hey, how was the jog?”
“It was good.. You’re home early.”
“I took the day off.”
“Oh, okay. That explains why you’re home.”
“Yeah,” Frank and Lisa were speechless for a while.
“Listen, I need to go to work in a few moments.”
“Work? You said you’re doing graveyard?”
“There is a situation down at the hospital. They need all the help they can get.”
“Situation? What situation? You’re nurse, not a doctor.”
“I just said it, “ALL” the help they can get. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”
“I was just~ resting my eyes. Doesn’t mean I am unconscious.”
“Yeah~ sure.” Frank makes his way to his bedroom to get ready.
“Hey!” Lisa calls Frank and he stops in his track.
“It’s really sweet of what you’re doing. With doing graveyard and all.”
“What are friends for? Always gotcha back. Just make sure you have mine.”
“I’ll try get a raise or something. So the burden is equal.” Says Lisa.
“There’s one thing you could do. Dump his ass.”

Lisa throws a pillow to Frank as he goes into his room and gets change of clothes.

The scene at the hospital was hectic, there were tents and camps at its parking lot. The entrance to the hospital seem to be sealed shut. Frank walks around the parking lot filled with tents and camps, wondering around trying to figure out what is going on.

“Frank!!” another male nurse called him out.
“Jack, what the hell is going on?”
“Walk with me, we gotta go to that tent at the end.”
“What is going man?”
“Some diseases stuff. I don’t know. I just got here.”

There were a few people walking around and some into the hospital with a hazmat suit.

“Hazmat suit?” says Frank.
“I know it’s freaking me out too.” Says Jack.

They entered the required tent, a man in a hazmat suit without the head part of the suit on, awaits them. He looks to be in his mid fifties.

“Gentlemen, you’re here for your shift?”
“Yes,” says Jack.
“Actually I am doing graveyard but I was called down for an emergency.”
“Son, this kind of situation, daylight or night it’s still graveyard.”
“Mind telling us what’s going on?” asks Jack.

“One sick person came in, throwing up, fever and wound couldn’t be healed. One of your doctors guessed it was diabetes. But things just didn’t add up, there more sickness. Gangrene process enhanced, that’s the puzzling thing. After a while, they came pouring in. Same symptoms. So whosoever’s inside stays inside. Outside, they need to go elsewhere.”

“So wait, hang on, so you’re sending us into a biohazard area? That’s suicide.” Claims Frank. “ and how did you know what was going on anyways?”

“When things get too ugly, your hospital calls us.” Answers the man.
“CDC. Centre For Disease Control,” Jack answers.
“That’s right. So, why don’t you nurses make your way to tent number 5 and get suit up for work.”

Frank and Jack made their way to tent 5 to get suited up. They had to go through several cleaning process before putting on their suit. They made their way to the entrance after putting on the suit.

There were children, but mostly the adults and the elderly sitting and some lying down on the floor getting treated by the nurses and doctors. Some were seating on the bench waiting for their turn. Some can be seen were weak to the bone, some had cloth wrapped around their wounds that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Some of them, had already started to have gangrene. Frank and Jack couldn’t do anything for the moment but walked to the reception to report themselves in. Once reported, the head doctor came to brief them and explained to them what was going on.

“Phone calls are off the hook, people spitting blood and gangrene all over,” explains the doctor as he brings them to a room to help him out with the patients.

“Some kind of flu?” ask Frank.
“Don’t know, sorry can’t help you there. The CDC will do their job. And we just do ours.” Says the doctor.
“Hope we won’t get any of this shit,” Jack feeling concern.

Throughout the day, those who were appointed to them, all they could do was just give them shots, wrapped up any wounds, trying to stop the bleeding. Some patients even died. Some constantly spit blood, some threw up their food followed by some other things. As the day ended Frank and Jack were told to make their way to tent 6 where they’ll get cleaned up, sterilized before going back home. Frank reaches home to see Lisa on the couch crying her eyes out again.

“Hey are…” Frank couldn’t finish his words.
“Shut up!! I know I know.. you told me so..”
“What? No, are you ok I mean? Feel well?”
“Do I look like I’m well?”
“I’m sorry.”
“I dumped him. Should have listen to you long time ago,” Frank put his hand on Lisa’s forehead and neck feeling for temperature. He takes out a small flashlight to examine her eyes.

“What’s wrong? You trying to kiss me?”
“I’ll always ask you first if I can do so. *short pause* there’s a situation going down at the hospital. People getting sick and all, bleeding wouldn’t stop and all.”

“That bad.”
“Yea, so just be careful. Use a face mask or something when u go out.”
“Got it.”
“You gonna be okay?”
“I’ll live.”
“Okay, I’m heading to bed,” Frank hugs Lisa.

The scene at the hospital is more hectic than ever. A patient that died on the table suddenly got back up and started biting on the doctor that was examining her. Four other nurses came in with another doctor bringing the lunatic patient down, other patients who were outside waiting burst into the room and started biting and eating on the other staff as well. Other patients that were down with the sickness started eating everyone else except for their own kind. Police were on the scene as soon as the situation broke out, S.W.A.T as well. The forces failed to stop the situation from it going from bad to worst. People on the streets seem to have contracted the epidemic as well and started eating people nearby them. Few moments later, the military came by and help out, but failed miserably too.

An explosion at 2 in the morning awoke Frank from his sleep. He peeps down to the streets and sees people fighting. Gunfire, Molotov cocktails, strangling and blood. Lots of blood. Lisa enters and pulls Frank out of his room to the balcony to have a better view. They saw people eating other people, armed forces killing those eating people.

“What the hell is going on?” asks Frank.
“I don’t know,” Lisa tries calling Karen and Angie. Her best friends from the school she teaches, but there was no answer from their cell.

“Ok, take it easy, we’re on the 10th floor, we’ll be safe for now,” out of nowhere a man from the upper floor fell for his death and blood spatter all over the ground as he lands. Lisa screams at the sight of this, Frank pulls her back into the apartment, closing the sliding door and curtains. And waited till the sun rises again. 6 am, it was cloudy, only a small margin of sunlight can be seen piercing through the clouds. Noise and chaos that came from the streets were no more, there was nothing but dead silence. The door at Frank and Lisa’s apartment were boarded up with furniture, tables and shelves.

All Frank and Lisa can do for now was just wonder around their apartment.

“Frank we got to think of something, we can’t just stay here.”
“What do you expect me to think of huh? For starters we don’t even know what the hell is going on. That thing~~ that situation we saw, *points at the balcony referring to the situation they saw last night* was no riot. People falling from the balcony? Kidding me right?” Frank speaks as he feels the pressure.

“I’m sorry, I~ I didn’t mean to~” Lisa apologize.
“I’m sorry, we’ll figure something out.”
Three hours passed, the both of them still wondering around the apartment. Lisa turns on the news to see if there was anything on that could be a good use for them, but there was nothing, a blank screen or a ‘standby’ message. Frank goes back to the balcony and has a look around on the streets, he sees a police cruiser not too far from the apartment opposite the road.

“Lisa.. “
“What is it?”
“I’m going down.”
“I said, I’m going down.”
“What for?”
“There’s a police cruiser on the opposite side of the road, there could be a radio in there, could be helpful. Could call for help.”

“You’re crazy, did you just see what’s been going down?”
“We might end up dead if we stay here any longer. *Frank grabs a sledge hammer from the storeroom* c’mon. Let’s go.”

Another person this time a woman, fell to her death from the floor above. Frank and Lisa moved the things away and goes slowly out of the door, peeking left and right if there was anyone that could threaten their life. After making sure that the coast was clear, Frank took Lisa’s hand and they both made their way to the elevator, the button was pressed but nothing happen. Soon after they realized the power has been shut off, they made their way to the stairs, they slowly descended down, making sure no one was insight. No one dangerous. They took their breath as they reached the ground floor. Frank with the sledgehammer in one hand, opened the door with another, peeking around for anyone, Lisa behind held onto Frank’s t-shirt. They both made their way to the police cruiser, passing the dead woman who fell from above. They got to the cruiser but all they got on the radio was static. Frank tries to adjust the stations, trying to find a sign of life, or at least something. After a while, the woman who fell from the floor above started to rise up again, slowly approaching them both, Lisa warns Frank, the woman was trying to bite off Lisa, Frank push the woman aside and swung the hammer onto her head, splattering blood all over the road.

The radio began to speak, Frank tried to communicate with whoever it was on the other side, but it was only a recording. The same recording plays over and over again, it stated to those who are still alive to make their way to the center of the city. Over there the military will pick up those whosoever that made it there by air. The message also made it clear it was only going to happen once. Tomorrow at mid-day.

“ The center of the city is twelve blocks away. We can me it okay?” Frank looks at Lisa, giving her a positive outcome.

Lisa exhales. She looks around and points out a group of people coming their way. “ Frank look.”

As the group of people gotten closer, they realize, they’re not normal people. They have blood all over them, some of them lost an arm, some of them had no gut left at their torso. And they’re heading their way.

“What are they!!?” Lisa feeling panic and concern.
“No idea, cannibals? Slowly step back and run for it. You hear!!?”
“Stick together,” Lisa stressed on it. They both move backwards slowly until their path is clear and are ready to make the run for it.

They back down slowly, making no sudden move, making sure everything is calm. Gunfire from behind them started making noise as they were about to run. They turn around to see two men with guns coming to their aid. One was in a helmet, Lisa assume they’re the S.W.A.T team.

“What the hell are you waiting for? C’mon!!!” says the man as he threw a grenade to slow the group of cannibals down. They ran as fast as they could, without looking back not knowing if they’re being chased or not. They came across an abandoned theater, they got in and shut the door.

“What the hell are you kids doing there?” asks the heavily build man.
“Kids? Hey, we’re no kids,” answer Lisa
“No kids eh? You almost got yourselves killed. That’s not kid like?” answers the man back.
“Guys c’mon, we got the point, we just needed to survive. So you guys are cops? The S.W.A.T team? Frank inquires.

The other S.W.A.T member took its helmet off revealing herself to be a woman. “What’s left of it. Take it easy on them Steve.”

“I’m Frank. This is Lisa. Mind telling us what’s going on?”
“Don’t you see? This is what’s going on.”
“What do you mean?” Frank asks even more.
“People are eating one another.”
“Cannibals,” Lisa interrupts and answers.
“No, Zombies.” Answers Steve.
“You kidding me?” Frank questions again.
“Nope, would you like to have a go with them?” Steve teases Frank.
“Steve!! Enough you two!!! I’m Rebecca by the way. Nice to meet you. *Shake hands with Frank and Lisa* so what the hell were you two doing back there?”

“We live across the street at the apartment, we witness what happened this morning. There were no news or updates. Saw a police car, so yea, thought the radio in there might be a glimpse of hope at least.”

“Brave but stupid,” comments Steve.
“*sigh* please excuse him. He’s being a hard ass. What did you guys get?”
“Something about an evacuation at the center of the city,” Lisa answers.
“By noon. Right?” Steve speaks.
“Yeah.” Frank.
“We heard the same thing over the radio too. We were on our way there then we saw you guys,” Rebecca explains.
“We better get moving now. It’s going to be difficult to move around when it’s dark,” Steve explains.

The doors of the theater opens slowly, Steve peeks around to see if there were any zombies, once making sure the coast is clear he gives the signal and they make their move. They walk down the street turning left after 100 meters, once they got there the road was block by debris and damaged vehicle and street lamps. Frank suggest they go through the underground subway, it is faster and shorter, going through the other way will take them a longer period of time. They made their way to the underground subway which was not too far from the pile of rubbles, as they were descending the steps Steve was almost got hit on the head by an oncoming steel pipe being swung by a survivor.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked Steve as he and Rebecca points the gun at him and Frank standby with the sledgehammer.

“Chill dude, put the pipe down. He’s a cop,” another man and a pregnant woman comes out from the darkness and calms his friend down. Steve and the man both put their weapons down.

“How you doing?” asked the man with the pregnant woman.
“We’re good. We’re what’s left, I guess,” Frank answers.
“What are you doing in here?”
“We’re heading to the center of the city. There’ll be an evacuation there tomorrow at noon. It’s only going to happen once. And that’s it.”

“And you got this info from?” asked the guy with the pipe.
“Police cruiser radio, after playing around with them station. I came across the repeating message.”
“What are you guys doing here then?”
“We’re going there via these train tracks. The road to the center of the city is blocked. We go the other way, it’s going to take us forever. We’re gonna try our luck here,” Steve interrupts and explains.

“We heard the it too. We just came from there *the man with the pregnant woman points to the tunnel behind them* don’t think just because we’re underground its safe~ there was 15 of us before.”

“Keep your eyes open then,” Rebecca instructs.
“By the way, I’m Joe, this is my girlfriend Stacy. And that’s Caine.” *Points to the man holding the steel pipe*
“Oh my god, how long are you in?” Lisa asks with excitement and happiness.
“It’s the third trimester. It can come anytime,” Says Stacy.
“We better get moving, we gotta keep an extra eye on you,” Rebecca explains to Stacy.

The gang moves through the tunnel leading to the center of the city, it was dark, Rebecca decides to hold out the flash light while Steve aims the gun. They move swiftly but steadily, making sure the coast is clear. Minutes into the walk, they heard noises coming from above the tunnel. Sounded like someone is walking or hanging on the ceiling, Rebecca points the flashlight to the ceiling revealing a zombie hanging to the pipes of the tunnel, Steve opens fire as it drops down to the ground and got back on its feet. Those behind Steve and Rebecca ran behind them, the duo finished off the zombie running towards them. The noises that came from their gun capture the attention of other zombies that were above nearby the station, a whole army of them came pouring down the steps and running towards them. They ran as fast as they could to the next station, Stacy who was pregnant tries to keep up with the gang. Steve threw a flash grenade to slow down the zombies. Give them just mere seconds at least to run. Not too far away, Rebecca sees the next station, there were a few zombies loitering around, they finish them off with a few rounds of gun fire. Frank whacks those nearby to him so did Caine. Joe uses his fist and legs to knock what’s ever zombies that was left blocking their way.

“You know kung-fu?” Frank inquires Joe.
“I’m a MMA fighter.”
“That explains it.”
“NO TIME TO CHAT!!” Steve gives out the warning as they continue to run up the stairs and on the other side of the street. Steve threw a grenade into the station, leaving the stairs to cave in.

“Let’s get out of here before that noise brings more this way,” Caine suggests.
“It’s getting dark, it’s going to take another 6 hours to get to the center of the city with these rubbles and all,” Frank says.

“Guys, let’s just walk as far as we can. I can still take it,” Stacy.
“You sure baby?” Joe being concern.
“Yes I can.”
“Let’s move then.”

They walk the streets keeping an extra eye out everywhere they passed and went. Joe got caught up in a conversation with Caine, Lisa went up front ahead to walk with Rebecca and Steve.

“Hey Frank right?”
“Yeah, are you doing okay Stacy?”
“Yes I’m fine.”
“So~ how long have you been together?”
“You and Lisa right? Her name?”
“Oh, no, we’re not together, we’re just friends and roommates.”
“I heard that one before.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
“You see the way you two treat each other? The way you hold her hand and all?”
“We’re best friends, we got each other’s back.”
“Please don’t try to deny stuff with a pregnant woman. I’ve been with Joe for 10 years and I am 40 now. I know how these young lovers work. Stop lying to yourself, let her know before it’s too late.”

“Why me?”
“I mean, why are you giving me this prep talk anyway?”
“Let’s just say I’ve been trying to redeem myself for not doing something that I should have for my brother. Frank you are a nice young man, so go.”
“Perhaps later?”
“There won’t be any later.” Frank sighs after hearing what Stacy said.

Frank made his way to the front trying to get a moment alone with Lisa, before he could do so, from the back, Caine screams to the top of his lungs. A zombie out of nowhere jump onto him from the rubbles, Joe tried his best to help him get it off, Frank came to aid him as well but it was of no use it was too late. Caine screams telling them to run while he try to hold it down while he still could. Many others came and jumped on Caine for a meal. Steve and Rebecca fires few shots to slow them down. They were able to make their way to a convenient store nearby and barricaded themselves in it. After a while, Stacy herself started screaming in pain.

“What’s wrong?” asks Joe in a nervous voice with concern.
“The baby is coming!!!”
“What!!?? NOW!!!??”
“Yes yes!!! Arrghhh!!!!” Stacy was bleeding heavily from in between her legs.
“Oh my god!!!! FRANK!!!” Lisa calls for Frank.

“Shit!!!” Frank orders Lisa and Joe to put Stacy on her back, Lisa grabs a towel nearby on the shelf to put it on Stacy’s head so it acts as a pillow.

“Stacy you got to push!!!!” Stacy screams in pain after Frank orders her to push.
“DO SOMETHING SHE’S IN PAIN!!!!!” Joe pleads.
“JUST HOLD HER HAND.” Frank tells Joe. “ Stacy you got to push, okay? You can do it. Just breathe and PUSH!!!”

Stacy bleed even heavier. Blood was all over the floor, Frank and Joe’s pants were covered in blood in no time. Rebecca and Steve couldn’t do anything but witnessing what was going on.


Stacy was able to give a fade smile when Frank said that, once the baby was out everyone were stunned.

“My baby!! Why isn’t my baby crying!!??” Stacy asks as Joe looks on.
“It’s a boy,” Frank answers with sadness in his voice.
“My god. A boy. Thank you, Frank. May I hold him?”

Lisa gave Frank more towels to cover the baby up, as Frank hands over the baby to Stacy, Joe went by her head, making sure her head is upright and able to see the baby. The baby wasn’t moving, wasn’t breathing at all. The baby was dead. Stacy was happy that she delivered him. Slowly Stacy closes her eyes, and her head fell back onto Joe’s lap. With baby in arm. Lisa comforts Joe as he started to cry.

“I’m sorry,” was all Frank could say as he walks to the back of the store. Frank searches for the washroom and started to rinse off the blood from his hands. He washes his face, couldn’t believe what just transpired. As he leaves the washroom, Lisa appears.

“Frank, are you okay?”
“I guess~ yeah~,” tears were starting to flow from Frank’s eyes. Lisa hugs him tightly putting her hand on the back of her head.

“It’s not your fault.” All Frank could do was stare blindly at Joe and his wife on the floor. While Rebecca and Steve paid their respect.

Frank and Lisa takes a seat near the fridge of the store, Steve approaches them.

“Is he going to be okay?” Frank asks.
“Just let him be alone for a while,” Steve advises.

“I’m sorry.”
“What?” Lisa questions Frank.
“I said I’m sorry~ I didn’t get to listen, hear you out about your issue with your boy.”
“Didn’t feel like talking about it as well, you have nothing to worry about.”
“What happen?”
“When you saw me crying for the first time that day, I was actually happy. Because he proposed to me, the second time I was sad, I walked in on him with another girl. Threw his ring out the window. I said ‘fuck you’, gave the finger and left.”

“Did he try to chase after you?”
“Yea, whacked him with the fire extinguisher. Knocked out for the count. *Giggles*
“Somehow, even though I was happy, I still felt, he wasn’t the one.” Lisa continues.
“You were just taking a shot in the dark? And just risk divorce later huh?” Frank asks.
“You’ll never know if you don’t try. And you? Why did all of your relationship suck badly?

“Beats me. I guess I’m just kinda boring, that’s why they left.” Frank explains.
“Yea, I guess you’re boring.”
“Oy, c’mon, give me a break. You should be cheering me up or something.”
“You fool. *giggles*”
*Snicker* I guess I have the same problem as you. When I get a girl, there is a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. And well, it’s just seem to be missing. And~” Lisa seems to have already dozed off on Frank’s shoulder.

*sigh* I feel like, it is you. It is you that should be.. Erm~ it should be us.”
“zzzZZZZZZzzzz.” Lisa sounds asleep. Frank decides to have a shut eye after looking at Lisa, after looking around seeing Steve and Rebecca too were resting. And Joe was still by his wife’s side. His eyes closes for rest. Meanwhile, there was a small smile on Lisa.

“Frank.” “Frank.” “Frank, wake up,” was shook up by someone. It was Joe.
“Frank c’mon we got to go. We go to keep moving,” Joe explains. Frank woke Lisa up and they made their way to the back door of the store. Steve and Rebecca were waiting for them.

“Let’s move, we don’t have much time left,” Rebecca
“It’s still dark.” Lisa says.
“We’re still six blocks away, we move now we can get there even before noon. Keep your eyes open,” Rebecca explains.

They started walking making their way to the center of the city. Lisa held on tight to Frank.

“Hey Joe. I’m sorry about Stacy.” Frank apologizes.
“You have nothing to apologize about. You did what you could. Just take care of this one *points to Lisa*”

They walked for hours without stopping, without food or water. From time to time, Steve measures his shadow when the sun came up to check what time it was approximately. At the 4th block, there were a few zombies loitering around and engaged them, with the weapons at hand, they worked them off. As they were approaching the 3rd block, a zombie jumps out from a book shop, and attacks Joe. He tries to get it off, he failed. And was bitten. Frank helped out but it was too late. Steve and Rebecca lend their hands as well. Success in killing the zombie that attacked Joe, a whole army of them came from out of nowhere running towards them.

“Frank.” Steve calls.
“You used a gun before?”
“Good, take these. One for you one for Lisa.”
“Got it.”
“Get the evact. Point.”
“What!? Hell no, c’mon we’re almost there.”
“We don’t hold them back. We’re all gonna die.” Rebecca explains. Frank and Lisa looks on.
“Thank you. We’ll meet again,” says Frank.
“In another life perhaps eh?” Says Steve. Frank and Lisa make the run for it.

Steve gave Joe another gun as they try to hold back the army that was gaining on them. They shot each and everyone of them, making sure their heads blows off and blood splatter everywhere. As they were out of bullets, they started using their fists and legs. Overpowered, Steve pulled another stunt, on him were 5 un-used grenades. He pulled a clip out of one and everything blows up.

Frank and Lisa made it to the center of the city, they stood on top a pile of cars. Looking at the position of the sun, Frank assumes it is almost noon. Few moments has past, they hear the sound of rotors. Sound of a helicopter. Soon, they see one flying towards them from a distance. Approximately 10 minutes away. An army of zombies again appear out of nowhere, they both open fire at the zombies that was coming from different directions. Frank drops his gun down once he ran out of bullets.

Frank pulls Lisa over to face him.

“What Frank?”
“I don’t know how to tell you this but..”
“Frank now is not the time.”
“There is no time.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Can I kiss you?” Frank asks.

As their lips got closer and closer to each other, so was the helicopter flying towards them. And, so were the zombies, climbing to the top of the pile of cars they are on.

                                                                    THE END