Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time is dead

Allright, since its my first post in blogspot and my first time too using it, I guess this pic will be my first post then. Got the inspiration from two things for this picture, firstly a song called "TIME IS DEAD" from a Japanese band and of course the props itself. A toy glock 20 and a clock. The idea just came into my mind, a gun that is most of the time used to kill and clock tells time, so in a way it means, the gun shoots the clock so times has died. Just an idea that came out of the blue.


  1. Hey dude.. im the first to comment on your blog. yiipie! haha... Congrats on ur new blog... thank God u finally have ur own blog.. nice start.. next post try to use "justify" for your wording, so that it looks neat and tidy:) congrats man

  2. Hehe....nice start! We are so new in this kah Ikh...later we add the other features into our blog.

  3. yeah we should, it seems so empttyy..haha