Friday, July 22, 2011

Yesterday Once More(experimental 1)

Its been awhile, too long since I've been posting pictures here.. Havn't been able to go out on shoots or just take a bunch of random pictures that looks cool.. Well~exams are coming soon, assignments all done,once exams are done, pictures will be flying in. I hope.. So~yesterday once more? These pictures were from the shoot at Tanah Emas or better known as my other post " Every sha~la~la~la".. these are the few pictures I have not posted.. well this time, I played around a little bit too much with it, tease the photoshop's options here and there.. well its not much of a difference,but I tried making it sorta different.. Hope it has a difference..

Soon more pictures will come no worries..perhaps a few stories or poem as well..

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