Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The cafe window

“Wait!! Hold on!!! Stop!!” shouts the lady in red as she ran towards the bus stand in the burning heat trying to stop the bus that was en route to her destination. She stands there in disbelief that she had missed her bus the second time this week. She looks at the bus schedule that is posted on the pole near the bus stand, the next bus to come to finish its cycle round will be in two hours time. She goes into a café on the opposite street to kill her time, she ordered an ice blended cappuccino and sat next to the window facing the bus stand. She sips her drink slowly while browsing through the magazine provided by the café.

Half an hour passed, the lady in red started to get bored and fed up with the magazines provided in the café as there are no new ones for the past couple of months. She sips and sips her ice blended from time to time looking at people, observing them in the café. She then turn her attention to the opposite street where the bus stand is, she looks, she observes the people that passes through there. Observing, looking at what is happening outside while people inside enjoying their refrigerated air. In awhile, she sees a man, jogging at high speed, looking at his watch constantly, timing himself. He bumps into two passer by, no apologies to them. Not too far in front, two woman, one with an infant, they both got caught up in a conversation. The infant got loose from his mother’s hand, he walks directly into the path of the jogging man, who looks at his watch again. He bumps into the infant, his knee knocks the infant few feet up front. The infant cries in pain, the mother rushed to his side, the jogging man stands aside and stares down and continue to jogs without even knowing if the infant is going to be all right. The mother carries her child and comfort him and walks on.

The lady in red stops sipping her drink for a moment there after what she saw. A few moments later someone knocks onto her table almost toppling her drink. No apologies from that person. As the wait goes on, the cold air suddenly becomes warm, the lady in red opens her top button to let her breathe better. She gets the stare as she does so, she quickly covers it up by closing the lit. A few moments later, the convenient store next door was rob by the looks of it, it was a mid 20’s man. People in the café seem oblivious about it. He ran across the street, knocking down an elderly woman with an umbrella in the process on the opposite side walk. As he continues running, he stops in his tracks and did the uncommonly thing. He walked back and help the elderly woman onto her feet, he just took his time. The police arrives at the same moment, and brought him into custody. Even with the sirens, people in the café were still oblivious about the incident.

20 minutes left before the bus arrives. The lady in red finishes her drink and looks once more out of the window before getting up to leave. Two cats, a mother cat and her kitten. On the sidewalk just outside the café. There was a rat in the mother’s mouth, she places it on the ground. The kitten tries to eat the head, but it was too tough. The mother cat bites the dead rat’s head, perhaps cracking its skull. After so, the kitten eats the head without any hardship to it. The view of it made the day of the lady in red. She went onto her bus that arrives on time after two hours with a smile. 

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