Sunday, November 13, 2011

College Carnivale 2011

Finally some new pictures, it seems that I'll be putting on hold the poem writing to make way for the pictures posts or perhaps I can just 50/50 it? We'll see how it goes.. So yesterday, my college had a carnival or in other words a bazaar. There were a number of booths that was opened by the students and some opened by the staff and employees of the college selling goods, foods and etc. As for our booth, we opened a photography booth, people can take their pictures up to a limit of 5 pieces. They have to add money if they want more. Subsequently.

Because of the rain we had to put our "business" on hold for a short while, when the rain stops we resumed our business. There were games and performances as well. There were even games for the young ones. The children age approximately from 4 to 6 years old(mostly employee's children I think). There were parents and even outsiders who came to the bazaars. Friends of students or employees perhaps.

Overall the carnival/ bazaar went well.. We had lots of fun despite the rain and other challenges we had to  face on that day. It was very exciting, get to get our heads away from the books. And a Thank You to the booth next door(our left) for giving us free "things".. Thanks ya'll.

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