Saturday, January 7, 2012


There is a mushroom in the ocean,
I can't believe you turned the key,
You stare into the sky,
As it filled with dust of change.

As you walk across the streets of neon lights,
All you see is a reflection of yourself,
Head held up high,
As the wind blows your sins away.

Pulling around the strings,
Getting away with slings,
Getting yourself,
What you need.

You fell,
And opened your eyes,
You feel fabric comforting you,
Its just in your head,
Projections of your mind,
You're just an elderly,
Filled with regrets,
Dying to live in the youth again.


  1. Awesome. Love it :) Sound legit and original, ikh :D

  2. Hey thanks thanks..more to come ^__^