Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Bus Trip

               It is now the time to depart. It is time for the tour bus to depart from the hotel to Narita International airport. The tourists were busy loading their bags into the bus compartment below. The lady in red waits on the sofa of the hotel lobby until everyone is done loading their bags or at least there were already few people left doing so. As she finds it a hustle to go through the riff rafts of people fighting to place their bags at the best spot of the compartment. As the crowd subsides, the lady in red together with her trolley bag makes her way to the compartment and places it at an empty spot deep inside. She got onto her bus and makes her way to the seat at the back of the bus. Fourth row from the back. Their flight leaves in three hours, but they need all the time to go through the process of getting on board the plane. Their journey to the airport will take them forty five minutes. The buses leaves after the tour guide makes its final check making sure everyone was on board.

It was a cloudy day, the sun wasn’t strong at all, the breeze was wonderful and it was the winter season. The lady in red decides to read her novel during the journey to the airport. 10 minutes into the journey as they reach the freeway, the tour guide announces that there is a heavy traffic jam. Not knowing what causes the jam he tells everyone their arrival to the airport may be delayed. The tour guide can be seen making phone calls after announcing the situation. The lady in red continues to read her novel as the traffic is moving slow. 20 minutes into the jam, a lady who looks like a single mother seated 2 rows in front of her on the other side, was trying to calm her baby down as it has been crying for quite some time now. The lady in red was feeling unrest about the situation.

“May I?” the lady in red approaches the single mother and tries her luck to stop the baby from crying. She carries the baby and pats a few times on the baby’s back. The baby burps and stops crying. she returns the baby back to the mother.

“ Thank you.” Says the mother.
“ Its no problem.”
“ How did you know?” ask the mother.
“ I’m a nurse, I handle those babies that was just given birth to.”
“ I’m kind of new in this.”
“ Take it easy, it’s not easy to be a single mum.”
“ I know. Thank you. I’ll be able to handle this.” Says the single mother.
“ Anytime.”

10 minutes after continuing her novel, a group of football(soccer) hooligans who is seated up front singing their favorite football(soccer) team. There were at least 10 of them, 5 each on both sides of the bus, they seem to be supporting different teams from the songs they’re singing. 5 minutes into the singing duel, one of the hooligans from the right hand side of the bus stepped up.

“Oyy~ why don’t you bastards shut the fuck up!!!”
“What!!?? Your father don’t own this bus we’ll sing whatever we want!!!” says the another hooligan member from the left hand side of the bus.

“You want me to put my foot up your arse mate!!??” left hand side of the bus to the right hand side.
“HEEYY!!! You two don’t shut up we’re heading to the police station instead and delay everyone because of you two fucks!!!” the tour guide warns the hooligans and they kept quiet.

Another 20 minutes into the journey, the traffic doesn’t seem to be any different than before. The lady in red was about to doze off, when the lady seating behind her started arguing on her cellphone with someone. A boyfriend she assumes. As the lady behind her hung up her phone, she accidently throws it to the floor and it landed below the lady in red’s seat. The lady in red picks up the phone and returns it to her.

“Thank you,” says the lady behind her.
“What’s wrong? If I may ask?” The lady in red folds her arms and placed it on the chair’s head rest, puts her chin on her folded arms that’s on the headrest.
“No biggy. It was my agent.”
“Yes, I’m an actress.”
“Owh~ what movies have you acted in?”
“I don’t think you’ll know them.”
“Try me.”
“You won’t because I’m an adult actress.”
“You can’t be a teen actress.”
“No~no~ I mean, I’m a pornstar.”
“Owh~ my apologize.”
*laughs* nothing to apologize about.”
“So, why so angry?”
“I want to leave the business, agent won’t allow.”
“Why so? Leave the business?”
“Well, I just want to stop. I wanna do something else. Something clean okay???”
*laughs* I got you. Listen, if you ever want to work as a nurse, here’s my card. *hands over business card* perhaps I can help you out.”

“I’ll think about it. Thanks.”

“Anytime,” the lady in red returns onto reading her novel. By then the traffic was already moving smoothly. They arrived at the airport two hours before their flight, just in time to go through the whole check-in process. As the bus arrives, again the lady in red waits until everyone is off the bus, only then she makes her way off the bus and towards the luggage compartment. The snow started to fall as she gets her bag out of the compartment. As the snow falls, she stares at the snow falling from the skies. She puts her hand up, closes them as the snow falls onto her palm. She makes her way into the airport after enjoying the snowfall for a short moment.

                                                                           THE END

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