Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweeper ( Based On The Original City Hunter)

Two black colored Mercedes Benz speeds up on the highway, it beats the red lights as it enters the city, authorities were in no condition into chasing them. They backed away. The front car filled with five men with black suits including the driver, the second car filled with four men with black suit and one with a brown suit and pants.

“Speed this up,” said the man in the brown suit calmly.
“Yes sir,” said the driver.

In a famous university located in the city, a lady in the laboratory can be seen working on some kind of formula with an elderly man who is the professor of the university.

“We’re closed to a break through.”
“Yes we are, but more work still need to be done, we are missing a few things professor,” said the lady.

“Whatever it is keep on going.” the professor gives the lady a pat on the back “I’m gonna grab a smoke, I’ll be right back.” The professor goes to the balcony for a smoke, the professor is a sixty year old with a lungs filled with tar. He coughs and coughs as he breath the fire out of his lungs. He sees two black Mercedes pull up on the entrance of the university, men from the first and second car came out with guns. How they were able to pass tight security was a mystery to him. The professor made his way back to the lab. “ Professor I’m heading to the loo, watch these after for a moment,” said the lady. “sure thing,” the professor answers as he rushes to her side and slipped in the already bottled formula into her lab coat pocket.

The men from the black Mercedes enters the lab as soon as the lady enters the washroom. The men aims their guns towards the professor, a man the brown suit enters after.

“ So~ where is it?” the man in the brown suit asks as he takes his gun out and points it at the professor’s head.

“ Where’s what?” answers the professor.

“ Look, don’t be fucking stupid with me. I do not want to play any of your fucking mind games. Now, where is it? I am asking you nicely.”

“ You’re going to shoot me anyways, why do you even want it?”
“ I told you to make it, that’ll be the only reason why I want it,” the lady on her way back from the washroom hid by the sides where she can’t be seen and gasped as she heard what she was not supposed to hear.”

“What was that?” ask the man in the brown suit. “There’s someone else here?”
“No there isn’t, my assistant took a year off.”
“Bullshit, find her!!” orders the man in the brown suit. Two of his henchmen went to have a look around.

“Listen, tell me where it is.”
“Why should I fucking tell you?” answers the professor aggressively.
“When she is found, I myself am going to squeeze the trigger onto her head and I am going to need some dry cleaning. Where is the FUCKING FORMULA!!??”

 The men were nearing the area where the lady was hiding, she grabs the fire extinguisher and fire it facing both of the men searching for her. The situation caught the attention of the everyone, the professor struggled with the man in the brown suit.

“RUNNN!!!! KATELYNN!!! RRRUNNNN!!!!” the professor failed and the gun fired killing him instantly.
“ FUCKKk!!! GET HERRR!!! The man in the brown suit angers.

Katelynn kept on running despite being shot at and not getting a single bullet into her flesh. She reaches the nearby elevator, and got in as soon as its doors opens. She breathes heavily, still being in shock after witnessing what has transpired.

Few days passed, in a loft located in a city, a man can be seen washing the dishes. He seeks his friend at the same time that was nowhere to be found.

“Roy!! Roy!! Where you at? You awake?” the man does not get any replies. As he finishes, he makes his way to Roy’s room. He sees Roy with a binoculars, smiling, looking into the building opposite upon entering.

“Roy, did you get the job done yet?”
“Be with you in a minute Rob,” says it with a big smile on his face giggling.
“Give me the binoculars,” Frank snatches the binoculars from Roy and figures out what he was looking at all along. “ Hmm, I am guessing~~ a young voluptuous girl doing aerobics,” Frank guessed.

“ABSOLUTELY!!!! Firm breats, round butt!! Woohooo!!!” Roy explains. Frank passes a rifle sniper to Roy.

Frank sighs, “ Get the job done Roy. For now, I’ll confiscate this,” Frank refers to the binoculars.
“Hey!! No fair!! Owh!!” Roy grumbles. Roy scopes five windows to the left of the one with the girl doing her aerobics, spots a beer belly man in his late fifties, cleaning a large size gem. Almost the size of a pineapple. Roy takes aim and open fires. The gem breaks into pieces and got the man shocked and looks around his apartment wondering what has happened.

“hmmph, easyy~,” Roy says it with a smile. As he scopes back to the window with the girl doing her aerobics, it was replace by a not good looking over muscular woman doing weights. “Ewwww~ nightmares tonight,” he makes his way out of the room.

“Frankk~~ breakfast~~~???” Roy asks as he walks towards Frank who is sits at the dining table.
“Make your own, you were late.”
“Why must you take the fun out of everything??” Roy inquires.
“No I was not.” Frank takes out a note book and hands Roy a picture of a beautiful looking girl.
“Woowo~ who is this hottie??”
“Roy, that’s our job.”
“I won’t let you down, I will satisfy her.”
“No, not that kind. She wrote to us today.”
“She did huh?”
“Went to the train station earlier, X.Y.Z was what she posted on the bulletin board.”
“What’s the deal?”
“Don’t know yet, here this is her number,” Frank hands a memo with the girl’s cell number on it. “Make the arrangements.”

“Got it.” Roy answers as Frank makes his way to the kitchen.
“Oh, one more thing. My sister will be staying with us.”
“When did she arrive?” Roy asks.
“Yesterday morning.”
“How long will she be staying.”
“Forever perhaps~~ Anyway, don’t you try anything silly.” Frank did not get any respond. “Roy? You heard what I said? Roy!??”  Frank walks back to the dining table and did not see Roy around either. He noticed his sister’s room door was opened, Roy is inside going through her wardrobe. Her lingerie, sniffing it. Playing around with it.

“Roy.” Frank calls Roy out with a sigh.
“Yes?” Roy answers with a smiley and happy face.
“Get to work and out of this room,” Frank snatches the lingerie away and puts it back into place and pushes Roy out.

It is a normal afternoon on the streets of Boston. People are walking around, business as usual. At a fancy restaurant, Katelynn sits at the table at the corner of the restaurant, she sips her coffee repeatedly, waiting anxiously.

“You must be Katelynn,” a man approaches her.
“Who wants to know?” she response.
“Good answer. Confuses the people who are after you.”
“I’m sorry, you must be…”
“Roy, the city hunter.”
“Yes, we spoke on the phone,” Katelynn states.
Roy takes a seat next to her.

“What can I do for you pretty lady?”
“Katelynn blushes. Mind you manners,” Katelynn warns.
“My bad,” Roy giggles.
“There are people after me. Can you protect me?”
“Of course~ Of course a lot of people are after you, men especially. Because you are a very beautiful girl.” Roy giggles.

“Oh brother~~,” Katelynn sighs. Katelynn realizes Roy’s hand was on her thigh.
“Mr. Roy.”
“Yes dear??”
“Why is your hand on my thigh?”
“Oh this~~ this~~ is what we call an accident.. hahaha.” Roy was slapped hard in the face. Katelynn decides to walk away.

“I’ve made a mistake. Asking a pervert to protect me.”
“Wait!! Wwaitt!!” Roy requested. Katelynn walks out of the restaurant, she got hold up by four men in a suit and was brought to the nearby parking lot.

“Get in the car!!” says the man behind her who has the gun towards her lower back.
“No way!!”
“I don’t think you see who has the upper hand here.” Says the man in the suit. From behind, a gun nozzle rests upon the back of the man in the suit’s head.

“I suggest you put you better put your gun down,” says a mysterious figure from behind.
“What!?” the man in the suit was in shocked.
“Roy!” Katelynn exclaims.

The three other men got into position and drew out their gun.

“I don’t think you got it here boy! You do not have the upper hand.” The man in the suit explains.

Roy then pushes the man forward, making him fall front wards onto the ground. The three other men stalled for a moment. Roy grabs Katelynn and took cover behind a pillar.

“What are you assholes waiting for!!!?? SHOOT THEM!!!” instructs the man in the suit. As the gang opens fire, Roy and Katelynn took cover behind a pillar. Roy began firing back as the men stopped to reload, Roy was able to unarmed them by shooting at their weapons. One man got knee-cap. After the shooting subsides, the men realizes they were overpowered, and took off in their car.

“Roy!!” Katelynn cries of joy and hugs Roy.
“Everything is ok now. You’re safe.” Katelynn couldn’t stop crying due to being relieved. Roy took Katelynn to a nearby park, he brought her to a certain part of the park where it was quiet and secluded.

“Ok, now that we’re alone. Tell me what is going on? You call us to protect you, from those people. You pissed them off or something?” Roy inquires.

“It all started with my professor and this friend of his. They both are scientist, that day we somehow were able to create a formula to get a cure. A cure for AIDS.”

“That means I can have lots of un-protected sex,” Roy monologues and smiles pervertedly.
“What did you say?”
“Owh nothing Katelynn, continue your story.” Roy laughs
“So my professor’s friend joined the gang, thinking he could make more money to finance the experiment. But, as he took over the gang, he changed. He wants to use AIDS as a weapon.”

“A weapon?”
“Release it somehow in a way, people get infected, and he will be the only one with the cure, he rules the roast. The world. Then so here I am, running.”

Roy sighs “ this is heavy. You can’t just wonder around like you usually do anymore. Look, stay at my place where I can keep my eyes on you twenty four seven.”

“And get you creeping into my blanket at night too?” Katelynn inquires.
Roy laughs “ No~ no~,” Roy continues to laugh.
“No, I need to finish the formula first, I’ve got all what I need at my apartment. We’ll stay there for the night.”
“But it could be dangerous.”
“You’re the bodyguard. So, do your job.”
“Alright, alright,” Says Roy.

Katelynn got to work as soon as they arrived in her apartment. The apartment is a open concept bedroom apartment, stove, living room, dining room all in one place. Roy takes off his shirt and lays on the bed.

“C’mon Katelynn, come lie with me. Have a break,” Roy asks.
“I’m busy. Working.” Roy tries to touch Katelynn’s butt. His hand got slapped as soon as she realizes it.

“Serve you right.”
“Oh man~ what am I going to do for now?” Roy wonders. “ Guess will turn on the TV.” Roy turns on the TV, coincidently the channel he tune in to when the TV was turned on, has a show on women doing aerobics in their sexy aerobics outfit.

“WWoooohoo, this is good~~~,” Roy became happy and starts to emulate the exercise moves from the TV. Lies on his back opening the legs and closing. All Katelynn did when she saw what Roy was doing was just smile of amusement.

The man with the suit earlier was on the roof top of the building just opposite Katelynn’s apartment. He can see what is going on in the apartment via binoculars.

“He’s crazy~” as the man in the suit sees Roy doing the aerobics on the bed.

Katelynn continues to work till the early morning. Roy behinds her, observing how she does it.

“It’s done,” says Katelynn.
“Thank god. I’ll help you pack your essentials,” Roy offers. Roy sees a sparkle via the reflection from the mirror near Katelynn’s study. It reflects the building opposite. Roy grabs Katelynn and covered her on the ground as the shooting begins. Roy and Katelynn were pinned down. The both of them got up and ran out the door as the shooting stopped for a few seconds, it continues after.

“Man~ these guys really wants you dead.” Roy states as they hid in the hallway.

They arrived at Roy’s apartment shortly after the shooting, Frank was there awaiting their arrival.

“You must be Katelynn. You’ll be safe here, don’t worry,” Says Frank.
“Thank you.” Katelynn showing her gratitude as Frank shows her to her room.

“She’s in real danger, we got to look out for her,” Roy has a private conversation with Frank as Katelynn gets settled inside her room.

“She’s a walking bullseye,” Says Roy.
“She must have pissed someone off pretty bad,” Frank answers.
“Something like that,” Roy explains Katelynn’s situation. A boy cut haired girl in her mid-twenties enters the apartment with blankets and extra pillows.

“Oh you’re back,” Frank greets.
“Yeah, I hope these are alright,” the girl wonders.
“Yes they are.”
“Who is this boy?” Roy asks.
“BOY!!?? Listen here you wanker, I’m a lady!! You see these?” the girl points to her breast. “But I can kick your ass if I wanted to.”

“Roy meet my sister. Sonia. This is Roy.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I did not know. Nice to finally meet you Roy.”
“My apologies too, I did not see those,” Refers to Sonia’’s breasts. Roy touches them and inspects them. Sonia punches him in the face in the process.

“Perv!!!” Sonia storms off into Katelynn’s room.
Sonia helps Katelynn settle in her room by giving her pillows, blankets and towels. Katelynn looks sad and horrified from the ordeal earlier.

“Are you okay?” Sonia ask.
“I should be alright….”
“Well, you have nothing to worry about now, my brother and Roy and of course myself will take good care of ya,” Sonia assures Katelynn with a smile and light giggle. Not getting a complete respond, she just nods her head as Sonia makes her way out of the room.

“She doing better?” Roy inquires.
“No, she doesn’t look any better,” Sonia answers. “Perhaps I could take her out tomorrow for a stroll, I mean now that she is protected.”

“That’s a big risk, can you at least shoot a gun?” Roy being sarcastic.
“What do you take me for? Of course I can.”
“So be it, Sonia you take her out tomorrow, Roy will be behind guarding you two always. That should change her mood.” Says Frank.

Roy walks towards Katelynn’s room. “Alright, I shall now take my place in her bed with her. Protecting her,” shows a serious face but with other intentions in mind.

Sonia pulls Roy’s hair, stopping him in his steps painfully. “What was that for?” asks Roy.
“You’re not going to sleep anywhere near her!! I will be sleeping with her, protecting her!! Feel free to sleep on the streets,” Sonia gives Roy a wink as she goes into the room.

“Frank. We have anymore of those bullets?”
“I’ll check it out in the morning.”

Blocks down the streets lies a building tearing through the skies, a penthouse on top of it. A man can be seen drinking his scotch sitting down in front of his fire place.

“Sir,” two men came in.
“We were unable to neutralize the target,” one of them speaks.
“And the formula?”
“None of that too.” The man who was drinking the scotch stood up, takes out a gun from underneath the newspaper that was on the coffee table nearby and shot the man next to him.

“Mr. Krast, just give us more time. We will get it.”
“You better not be fucking with me this time!!”

The next morning, Sonia takes Katelynn out for a stroll and shopping to relief her mind of the troubles she encounters. Katelynn feels more confident and braver walking around the streets, she feels happier.

“You seem very happy already. That’s good,” Sonia states.
“well cause I know I am in good hands. Yours and Roy.” Not too far behind them, voices of girls being harassed can be heard.

Sonia sighs. “Yeap, we are in good hands.” Refers to Roy protecting them as he tries to get random girls into bed. Roy hears tires screeching and engines reefing getting louder and closer. The horrible racket came from two cars driving pass the city center, Roy warns Sonia and Katelynn, telling them to get down as he sees guns sticking out of those car windows as they were rolled down. The people from the car started shooting randomly, trying to kill Katelynn. Killing other bystanders in the progress. Roy open fires as Sonia and Katelynn were pinned down, the men in the car realizes Roy and returned fire to him ending up him being pinned down.

“Sonia!! SONIA!!!!!” Roy calls out Sonia.
“You came packing!!??”
“FUCKING USE IT!!!!” Sonia found the chance and opened fire from the other side, the men in the car got distracted and Roy found the opening to advance a little closer to protect Sonia and Katelynn. Police sirens can be heard not long after, and the cars turns around aggressively and headed back to where they came from.

“Sonia you okay?” Roy being concern.
“I’m fine. Katelynn doesn’t seem so.” Katelynn has her hands covering her ears, trembling, as if she is about to go into a hysteria.

“She seems to be getting into shock. Let’s head back,” Roy and the girls headed back to the loft, Sonia brings Katelynn into her room. Frank enters the apartment. “I heard what happened, you guys alright?”

“We’re fine for now, but we gotta get ready, I have a feeling they are coming,” states Roy.
“I guess we have really pissed them off now.”
“By the way, you got the bullet Frank?”
“Here you go.” Sonia comes out of the room.
“Is she going to be alright?” asked Roy.
“I hope. She wants to see you Roy.”

Roy walks into Katelynn’s room feeling uneasy. “You wanted to see me?”

“I’m sorry.”
“Trying to get all of you killed.”
“That’s not a fault nor a wrong doing. It’s our job to assure your safety.”
“I want to die.”
“I feel I do not~ deserve to live~ I seem to bring death to anyone~ to anywhere I go.”
Roy sighs. “ Well, if that is my decision, I can kill you right now. Sadly, it’s up to fate.”
“Tell you what, if you ever get caught, wherever you are, make sure you are near a window. And I will find you, and you just let me handle the rest.” Roy shows the armor penetrating bullet to Katelynn. “ This will penetrate the thickest armor ever made. Just close your eyes, and you’ll be free.”

At the penthouse.

“Motherfuckers!!! What the fuck is wrong with you wankers!!?? What the fuck were you people doing? Having a ham-shank!!??”

“Sir, we’re sorry she had a sweeper with her. City hunter,” explains one of the henchmen towards their leader of the gang Mr. Krast.

“Hmm~ city hunter. If so, that’s her bodyguard, I get my contacts to locate his place, she should be there with him. We’ll strike tonight. We strike now! Take her alive!!”

The night was dark and quiet around the loft, footsteps climbing up the fire escape at back can be heard. Krast and his men waits just outside the door leading to Roy’s loft. The door was brought down, ten men entered, they opened fire as soon as they got in. Frank from the rear throws a flash grenade and started opening fire killing the men who came barging in. Roy knocks out the remaining out cold with his fists. Sonia in Katelynn’s room, protecting her.

“Jump off the window into the dumpster, the rubbish will break your fall.”
“Sure about this Sonia?”
“That was the plan, once the shooting starts, get out. Now go.”

Back outside as all the henchmen were neutralize, Roy and Frank wonders if that’s all of them since there was no one left. Even in the hallway. Katelynn lands into the dumpster, and see the barrel of Krast’s gun as she looks up trying to get out of the dumpster. Sonia screams alerting Katelynn but she was too late, Krast warns Sonia not to open fire as he threatens to kill Katelynn. That was the last time they saw of Katelynn.

In the morning, Krast with his remaining henchmen brought Katelynn onto a helicopter ride to an undisclosed location.

“The formula? Krast ask Katelynn.
“Does it look like I have it?” answer sarcastically as she spits onto his face. Krast slaps Katelynn in the face.

“Boss, she needs to be tortured for her to scream the location of the formula out.”

From the side Katelynn’s eye, she sees another helicopter came flying beside, she sees a man with a rifle stands at the opened door of the chopper. It was Roy. Krast and his henchmen were oblivious to this. Roy takes aim and fires Krast’s chopper’s door open, Katelynn falls out of the chopper as a result. Krast and his henchmen were in shocked. Lots of things came through Katelynn’s mind as she was free falling of the sky.

“I guess~ this is the end,” Katelynn monologues.
“Hiiiiii!!!!!!!!,” Roy came to her rescue with a parachute on his back. He greets her by rubbing her butt. Catches her into his grasp and deploys his parachute.
“Roy!!” Katelynn was surprised by Roy’s action. “How? WHO?? Krast?.”
“He’s been taken care off.”

Frank maneuvers the chopper Roy was on further away from Krast chopper, Sonia appears from behind the doors and fires off the rocket launcher leaving Krast’s chopper in pieces.

That afternoon after the incident, the trio brought Katelynn to the airport, accompanied by police officers and federal agents.

“These agents will bring you into protective custody. They will bring you to an undisclosed location for safety purposes where you can work more on that formula of yours,” explains Roy.

“Thank you!!!” Katelynn hugs each and everyone of them and walks into the departure hall. A suspicious character in a trench coat comes out from the shadows, takes out his gun and points it towards the trio. Roy heard the click on a gun but he was too late as Frank got shot in the neck and is bleeding badly. The police jumped on the shooter over powering him.

“Fuck!! Stay with me buddy you’ll be alright.. try not to talk,” Roy comforts Frank as he bleeds to death in Roy’s arms.
“GET THE FUCKING AMBULANCE!!!!” tears goes down the cheeks of Sonia as she too comforts her brother.
“R..Roy.” Frank calls out Roy
“Don’t fucking talk man, you’ll die.”
Frank pulls Roy closer. “Take care of my sister.” As Frank was drifting away, he looks at Sonia with a smile. “everything is going to be okay.” Sonia and Roy couldn't do anything but just stare blankly into Frank.

Days passed, Sonia can be seen at her brother’s grave. She kneels down and places fresh flowers on his grave. Roy, standing behind her, approaches her slowly, he puts his hand on her shoulder. A sign of calmness, and a sign assuring everything will be fine.


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