Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pink Ribbon Walk Abreast

These are pictures of a walkathon organized by the Pink Ribbon Society in conjungtion with Mother's Day celebration. But the true purpose for the walkathon is actually to raise awareness regarding breast cancer among women and yes men as well(men too can get breast cancer) and the walk is also a symbol of how not to give up to keep on fighting.

The walk was 5km and it was not hot at all due to the cloudy weather which everyone thought rain was coming down. This walkathon is not your typical walkthon, it has a competition of best pinkest costume worn by the participants, its not surprising to see some of the participants dress up in their costume that they are saving for halloween. That's what spices things up I guess. Besides that there are performances by the breast cancers survivors and other participants as well, speech by the Pink Ribbon President, lucky draw and of course Zumba before the show ends.

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