Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Community Service Work

Allright, so, on last Saturday the 16th of Oct 2010, we had a community service trip to Babagon. We clean up the place, change the mat, wipe here wipe there, redecorate the whole place, paint few rocks, cut the grass and etc etc. Basically community service work.. As you can see too, besides doing work, we gave the kids some entertainment as well, they get to play a buinch of games and etc. We gave them a magic show too, which they really enjoyed it. After the trip, just a handfull of us, Me,Angel,Kok, Jane, Rosselleynna, Amanda,Tiffany and Brenda we went to celebrate our success of the job. We went to Tg. Aru beach and had some food and drinks. As you can see the last picture symbolizes our success and happiness that the work is over.