Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have traveled far,
In the crappy car,
The roads that were not taken,
End up being all broken,
Them taken roads,
 Ends up filled with screaming toads,
I see mirages of my memories all along the way,
That's the price I pay,
For being human,
In every wonderful moment.

I saw lights beaming down from the heavens,
Accompanied by flying ravens,
A screaming storm came by me,
The flying ravens disappeared in front of me.

Scars reminds us that the past is real,
A part of papa roach lyrics from where I peel,
I waited at the waiting stand, 
For your words to make me tan,
And I thought I could be a hero,
But I end up being a zero.

I'm sorry that the chain of prime,
Became rusty from time to time,
Its all about moving on and getting back up after getting hit,
Peeled that from the latest Rocky Balboa movie hit.

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