Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Footprints In The Sand

Here's my shadow,
Trails upon my footsteps,
Leaving those little footprints,
I'd call memory.

My feet experience the world,
My footprints leaves my mark,
On the surface I walked on,
Which only knew my true self.

One step shall lead to another,
Of a destined journey I took,
Of those blank pages written with thousands words,
It is a book of spilt ink and tears.

sip my tea,
As it has gone cold on a summer's day,
Its aroma,
Reminds me of the tears I've spilled,
Where I can spill no more.

Memories are indeed the shadows.
They may haunt and trail,
Written books and spilt your tea,
Yet in the end,
Those shadows of memory shall only appear to be as,
Footprints in the sand.
*A writing collaboration I had sometime ago..

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