Monday, March 19, 2012

Alass~~ The 3rd Coming..: Coming Soon..PART 1

Well, Chris Jericho(WWE,World Wrestling Entertainment) superstar/ wrestler, named his return in 2007 "the 2nd coming" I would like to name mine the 3rd. Its has nothing to do about anything returning though. It represents the next thing I'm about to do. Its going to need more stuff, more horse power, and I hope not too much time.. Yet again, more thinking is still needed to be done.. I'm really looking forward in doing this, and I hope it'll happen.. But,as we know, they;re lots of unforeseen circumstances that may happen. So, hold on to your seats, and just wait for the next update for "this" post...

In the mean time, enjoy posts of more pictures,poems and stories that will be posted on soon. P.s, the picture you see,its not the same as the one in my other post. This picture, has my friend looking at the scenery, the other he was looking at his camera.

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