Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Short Story : Hello There...

It is 6.30 a.m. in the morning. A man can be seen doing his morning jog. The weather wasn’t hot nor cold, it was just fine. The man jogs passes the park and there he hears a little girl crying. He didn’t want to stop thinking it could be a trap set up by muggers. Muggers will do anything to get cash, in this case the method use was, play a tape of a crying little girl and try to look for her and get mug. Simple. But a strong feeling at the back of his head re-assures him that it is a real cry, he looks for where the cries were coming from, and there she was, a little girl, age maybe 7 years old. Crying. The man approaches the little girl;

“Hey there, are you alright?, “ the man asks the little girl.
“No, my dolly got stuck up on the tree.” She points to the top of the tree she was standing next to.

To the man’s amazement, he was wondering how it got all the way up onto the tree. Without any questions, the man climbed the tree and brings down her doll. The little girl pledges the man to wait for her until her mother comes by. They went to a bench prepared by the park and started chit chatting. The little girl told him that, she and her mother was walking pass the park, while she saw butterflies to play with in the park, so she went to do so. Her mother had not realized she had gone to do so as she was on the phone and kept walking, claims the little girl. While she was playing with butterflies, five rascals came by, throwing her doll up high onto the tree.

“So that’s what happened huh?”
“Yeah.” Answers the girl.
“Ok we’ll just sit her for another 10 – 20 minutes, if your mummy doesn’t comes back for you we head on to the police station ok?”


As they were waiting, the five rascals that were bothering the little girl return, one of them were big in size and approximately 7"2" in height. The five of them bothered the man and the little girl again. The little girl told the man that it was them who bothered her and now they returned to do so again. This time to the both of them.
They were threatening to kill them, the man got up and threw a blunt object he found on ground to the giant first and start beating down the others. The giant got back his composure as the other 4 rascals were down on their backs and stomach, He calls himself Goliath at the same time taunting the man.

“What a stupid gang name.” said the man.

Goliath got mad and started charging him, then from the back, were a set of wires caught onto Goliath, sending volts of electricity to Goliath and fell onto the ground after a while. Stunned. It was the work of the police officer stun gun. The mother came with the policeman, and was reunited with her daughter.

“Thank you kind sir for protecting my daughter. Thank you!!.” Said the child’s mother.
“You’re welcome Ms..???”
“Evelyn. You can call me Eve.”
“Please to meet you, I’m Samson. *looks towards the policeman afterwards* thank god you got here in time. Could have gotten my butt kick by the big guy.”

“You’re lucky too the mother decided to bring me(the cops) with her. I’m officer David by the way.”

A car stops by the park, a man comes out of the car, it was the little girl’s father. The girl tells her dad she is ok because of what Samson did. Protecting her. The father thanked Samson and introduces himself, Adam he said the father’s name was. As they waves their good byes to each other, the little girl made her way back to Samson and gave him a hug.

“Say, what is your name little girl?”
“My name is Delilah and I am 7 years old.”
“I’m Samson, I am 23 years old. Nice to meet you.”


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