Friday, May 11, 2012

The Risers (Episode 6 : The Unstable Mind)

There is a knock on the door, “ Rob~ Rob~~ you home??” a woman’s voice on the other side of the door.

“Hey sis~ fancy you coming here,” *Rob hugs Connie*
“Yea, just got a little worried about you after that situation that is going on,” *Connie walks to Rob’s television and turning it onto the news. Rob joins her to watch it*

The news shows that people are getting sick and were interviewed as well on their condition. Another news channel report was on the scene, where there seem to be a situation at the main city. Police, ambulance and firemen were on the scene. Connie was about to use her cellphone, then Rob jumped on her. Went on top of her.

“WHAT THE FUCK ROB!!!!?? What the fuck are you doing!!???
“Connie we might be dead soon, I’m getting it on!!!”

“FUCCKK ROB! Get the fuck of me!!!!”

 Connie pushes Rob off her, he grabs her back as she got back onto her feet and the struggle ruined the house’s decoration. Connie was able to push Rob out of the front door. She closes it and locks it, she leans on the door and started to cry as she puts her hands on her face. She tries to use her cellphone but it was in pieces, she then tries to look for Rob’s cellphone but it was nowhere to be found. She continues watching the news trying to learn what is going on. Not too long after, she heard screams from the neighbors and saw a big group of people coming her way.

Moments later, Rob was thrown into the jail cell for attempted manslaughter towards Chris and the rest of the group. Moments later, after the screams and panic attacks Rob was able to break the jail door by force and smashing the bed inside to the door. He makes his way outside and lingers around for things that he could use. A few zombies approaches him, nearby was a chainsaw, he grabs it, use it on them.

The group has just arrived at the jetty of the island. The road and the surrounding leading to the base surrounded by trees and bushes. Clarke cuts through the bushes with a machete he picked up earlier at the shop. One by one they got off the boat as Clarke cleared the path.

“This place looks as if it was un-touch,” Jack states.
“Abandoned you mean?” Juliette.
“Keep your eyes open, don’t know if this place is infested with those things or not,” Chris warns.

“Hey~ you alright?” Steve asks Nancy who seems gloom.
“Yeah~ nothing is wrong.”
“You seem tense.”
“Well having these things around us eating and killing who wouldn’t?*Sounded irritated* Sorry.”
“Don’t mention it. Understood.”
“Things are just fucked up right now.”
“Hey~ we’re all in this together. We share all of this shit together.”
“Got that right.”

Clarke was having a hard time cutting through the bushes as it was really thick and some are difficult to cut through.

“How far to the base?” Chris asks Clarke.
“Not too far. But these bushes is just making it longer to get there.”
“Oh~ Chris, take this. *Clarke hands Chris a walkie-talkie*. Just in case we get separated along the way.”
“Thanks, good idea.

Few moments later, a man knocked Juliette out via hitting her at the back of her head. He was hiding in the bush. Turns out to be Rob. Juliette lies unconscious on the ground as he points his chainsaw to her head. Wanting to slice her open. Taking her hostage.

“Uncle Rob.”
“Hey Nancy sweetie. Hey~ boys.” * says it with a cynical look on his face* 
“Uncle Rob, what are you doing? How did you get here?”
“On a boat attached to the back of a truck.”
“You know this guy?” Clarke ask.
“This is Nancy’s uncle. He went missing from jail when we came back for him,” explains Chris.

“What the fuck are you talking about?? We came back for you and you were gone. You broke out!!” Jack explains.

“If I hadn’t done so I wouldn’t be here today. I’ll be dead, becoming one of them.”
“OK look Rob calm down ok, we have a chopper and……”

“Yes I heard you god damn transmission on the C.B.. I’m going to use the chopper and get the hell out of here.”

“Chris I can take this guy down,” Steve tells Chris he has a clear shot of Rob.

“Wait, Steve.”
“What is there to wait, Juliette is gonna die.”
“STOP IT YOU TWO!! Uncle Rob please~ stop it. What the hell!!?? And where’s my mom?”

“Your mom? YOUR MOM!!?? That bitch tried to kill me. Yea that’s right, I was trying to get it on with her but that bitch threw me out OF MY OWN HOUSE!!! AND SLAMMED THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!”

“whoa~ WHAT!!?? You tried to have sex with your own sister!!??” Jack was shocked.

Everyone else seem stunned. And in shock. They were lost for words.

“What’s so shocking? I’m not the same meat nor blood with this FUCKS!!”*points to Nancy*
“Uncle Rob what are you talking about? We are the same.”
“No we’re fucking not!!!!”

Since just now Steve did not lay his guard down. His gun was still pointing at Rob.

“Calm down okay. Please. Rob put the chain saw down and we can talk about this.” Chris tries to reason with Rob. It only made matters worse when Rob turned on his chainsaw.

In a distance, Clarke sees something that he has never seen before. That moment will be a life changing moment for him and the group.

“guys” Clarke calls out.
“Not now Clarke.” Says Chris.
“whoa~ Rob turn off the saw and calm down put in down,” Jack approaches Rob and tried to counsel him.


Clarke was able to get Chris’s attention and made him look into the sea that they just crossed. They knew that the distant between the mainland and the island that they were on was not far at all. But as Chris saw what was going on, it too changes the look on his face.

“Rob please listen to me, put the saw down and we can get out of here together ok!!!?? Chris again tells Rob off.

“I’ve already told you I’m getting out here on my own. And all of you will be dead!!!”

“Uncle Rob please. *Nancy takes her gun out from her holster and puts it on the ground and goes closer to Rob* Uncle Rob, I don’t know what is really going on between my mom and you. But please stop this madness, we can help you okay?? Once we get out of here of course.”

*Laughs* Shut up!!! Look! Your grandparents picked me up from the jungle after everyone else was executed during the war. Do you understand now!!????”

Juliette was already regaining her consciousness, and Rob was oblivious towards it.

“Rob please stop this shit right now!! Look at that!! *Points towards the sea* they’re coming for us. They’re coming across THE FUCKING SEA!! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT!!??? I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY CAN WALK THROUGH THE current or how they can hold their breath long enough. All I know is you gotta blow their heads off for them to die!!! So please, cut this shit out!!” Chris reasons with Rob again.

“What the hell?” Jack takes a closer look by going near to shore.
“Damn it, how the hell is this happening???” Jack prepares his firearm.

“Fuck you people.” Rob was about to slice Juliette into pieces, and the group was trying to stop him from doing so. Out of the blue, Juliette kicked him in the gut, Rob went off balance. With the opportunity Steve put two in the chest.

Rob drops to the ground like a rock. He was struggling to breath and speak. Nancy approaches Rob and attends to him, putting her hand on his head and slant it upwards as she gave him a hug. She didn’t look sad, tears were not seen coming down her eyes. All she is now is just, confused. She walked to where she placed her gun, picking it up slowly. She kneels down near Rob who was struggling to stay alive. She points the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

(To Be Concluded)

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