Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Risers(Final Episode : It Is Okay)

The group arrives at the entrance of the military base. As they enter, bodies with their brains blown out were everywhere, vehicles and crashed helicopters were around as well.  The base build on a very huge land, it almost accommodate the whole island’s land from one end to another. One part of the area is all its buildings the other part is where all its transport is placed.

“Alright c’mon, the bird it’s on the other side of the island. Keep your eyes opened too by the way,” Clarke instructs.
“Guys, I can’t go further..” Nancy.
“What happened?” Jack asks.

“ I didn’t realize.. piece of sharp wood, plunge into my archilies tendon,” Nancy drops onto the ground as she realizes so, Clarke helps her out by pulling the wood out and wrapping the wound after he tore his sleeve off.

“Ok we gotta carry you.” Says Chris.
“Hey, if you drop her while going through these things on the ground, she’s gonna get worst,” Steve explains.

“What do you suggest?” Ask Jack.
“OK, listen, you guys get yourself to the roof of the headquarters. I’ll get the bird and land it there. Alright?” Clarke suggests.

“Whoa~ hang on. How do we know you’re not going to screw us?” Asks Jack.
“I’ll go with him,” Juliette volunteers.
“Till now still don’t trust me eh Jack?”
“Just keeping my eyes opened.”

“Ok let’s go. Oh, Chris. Keep that walkie on. Just keep it on channel 1.”
“Got it.”
“Go~ we’ll see you in a bit.”

“Juliette.. careful.” Steve advises.
“You betcha.”

Chris helps Nancy up to her feet by carrying her via her arm, putting her arm on his shoulder while she tip toe with one leg. She suggests it’s better to do so for if there was any attacks she could help shoot as well. The four of them needed to walk a distance to get to the entrance. It was about 200 metres to the headquarter’s (main building’s) entrance. They reach the main building, the double doors were wide opened. The four of them heads inside after confirming it being clear. The only thing occupying the ground floor was a wooden table on the side of the room. Chris puts Nancy down and checks her wound. Steve and Jack tries and bolt the door behind them while they rest for the moment and await instructions from Clarke.

On the other side.

“ What happen here? I mean, every soldier on the ground has their brains blown *Juliette kneels down to check on a dead soldier* and some even half eaten.”

“Just salvage anything you can. Ammo, rations anything,” Clarke instructs.

They walk few more paces, and there they saw the bird. Clarke and Juliette were excited, but their excitement were short live as Clarke checks the fuel gauge it was empty. Fortunately nearby was a fuel tanker, with the help of Juliette, Clarke pulls the hose and fill the bird up.

Steve and Jack keep on the lookout for anything that may come and attack them.

“Hey, your uncle Rob. What is he? Is he really like he say he was?” Ask Chris.

Silence by Nancy.

“Look I don’t feel like talking about this alright..”

*sighs* I don’t know, for all I know. He has always been my biological uncle. Whether or not he has problems with himself. None of us were told of such thing.”

Chris smiles.

Over on the walkie-talkie.

“Chris are you there? Over.”
“You’re on Clarke.”

“You guys get yourself up to the roof now, we’re refueling. We should be done in 5 minutes. Just hang in there alright. We’ll get there.”

“Got it.Over." As soon as Chris ends his conversation with Clarke, there were bangs on the door. And the bangs just gotten louder and more. Shows that they were found by the zombies that crossed the river.

“Clarke watch your back, they are here. Over. “warns Chris.

Clarke and Juliette defend themselves of the incoming army of zombies.

The group in the warehouse made their way up the stairs to the roof before the door was broken down. Nancy’s injury was delaying the group getting to the roof. Half way there the door breaks open and the zombies make their way up the stairs towards them. They got to the roof and bolted the door behind them and armed up waiting for the worst.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Juliette were busy fighting off the incoming zombies while the bird was refueling. There was a gas tank nearby.

“Juliette get on the barrels. I’m going to throw this in the middle of them and you shoot it!!! You hear!!??”
“Got it.”
“And keep your head down.”

Back on the roof the zombies finally made their way up. And the four of them started opening fire. Defending themselves.

“Clarke where are you buddy??”
“We’re busy here too Chris. Hang in there!!!!”

The zombies did something unexpected. They somehow were able to climb the building via the pipes and windows attached to it.

“Fuck.. did you just saw what I saw?” Ask Jack.
“we all did.” Chris, Nancy and Steve answers. They kept on firing, defending themselves. Steve gave Nancy a clip after she rans out. Jack switch to his pistol as he rans out of his rifle. Steve and Chris were trying to conserve their ammo on their pistol.

“I’m running low.” Jack. An explosion not far was visible from the rooftop.

“What the hell??” Steve.
“Clarke!!! You guys okay!!!??” Chris contacts on the walkie.
After a few seconds delay “2 seconds” Juliette answers.

The bird flies to the rood and lands on the heliport further up front. Juliette and Clarke got off the bird and help them out defending themselves as they make their way to the helicopter. Once everyone is on board, they took off. Flying into the skies hovering the island. From above, they all saw the island being run over by the zombies and more of  them came out of the water.

Leaning back and a breath of relieved, everyone was alright. Chris was above to doze off when someone called in by the bird’s radio.

“ Hello?? Hello?? Is there anyone out there?? Hello? Answer me?” a woman’s voice.
“Sounds like my mom.” Nancy.
“Ma’am, this is Clarke. Where is your position?”
“Owh thank god. I’m here at Criesses beach. The shore, I’m calling from a abandoned police cruiser’s radio. Help us, I’ve got another woman here and her child.”

“Evelyn? Sarah?”

“We’re on our way.” Replies Clarke.
“Hang on what if it’s a trap. Trying to kill us or something??” Ask Jack.
“No time to think about that.” Replies Clarke.

They flew to the beach to see two woman and a child. All females. As they got closer, Nancy recognizes her mom. The woman and her child was not Evelyn or Sarah after all. The sadness in his face tells a story but there was nothing he could do. As they once again flew into the skies.

“Ms. Bennet. Glad you’re alright.” Says Chris.
“Oh Chris, Jack dear. You’re all alright. Thank god.*hugs them*
“Where’s your girls?”
“They didn’t make it.” Jack explains.
“I’m sorry my dear.”

“Hey~ erm.. what’s your name Ms?” Ask Chris.
“I’m Summer this is Emily. I’m taking care of her now.”
“Everything is going to be fine okay.” Ensures Chris.

“Hey Chris."Steve.
“Sorry about your girlfriend and your kid.”
“Its alright.”*Nod his head* 

Chris leans back and closes his eyes for a moment. Exhaling slowly. A breath of relieve. He opens his eyes once again to see one last view of the city he grew up in.

“So where we heading guys?” Ask Clarke
“What’s the closest?” Steve asks.

Chris didn’t hear the conversation they were having, as he was about to doze off again. From the fatigue.

“Chris, just close your eyes. Take some rest. I’ll wake you when get there,” says Nancy.

Chris was able to give a smile. And closes his eyes. As he was about to fall asleep to get a good sleep after all that they have gone through, even though if it was just for few minutes. The helicopter rotors at its tail just exploded and burst into flames.

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