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The Risers(Episode 4 : Beat The Clock)

In a bedroom, filled with decorative things. Decoration and colors meant for children. Little girl. A little girl who seems to be African American, can be seen sleeping soundly on her bed. A tall, medium build man enters, African American too, walks slowly towards her and sits by her bedside. He puts his hand on her and starts to shake her gently, waking her up.

“Hmmm,” says the little girl.
“Wake up sweetie, it’s time for school.”
“Five more minutes daddy.”
“Yesss~ and next you’ll fake your fever*the father smiles and carries her up on her feet*. C’mon.”

Moments later, the three of them including the mother eats their breakfast.

“Daddy when are you going back to work? Fighting bad people?”
“Sweetie!~” Says the mother.
*Smiles* not anytime soon. It’s going to be centuries before I go back to work.”
“Won’t you get paid?”
“Yes, I still do get paid.”
“Ok honey, stop interviewing your dad now before he chokes,” says the mother.
“She may be the next Oprah Winfrey.” Says dad.
“Ok sweetie, say goodbye to your dad we’re leaving soon.”
“By daddy,” the little girl kisses her dad on the cheek and makes her way to the car.

The man’s wife, a Caucasian give him a hug and a kiss like she always does and makes her way to the car. The father walks with her to the car and waves them goodbye as they drove away from the front yard. The father walks to the post box to check for mails. His neighbor’s door just slammed wide opened.

“Mr. Clarke!! Mr. Clarke!!!” the neighbor a mid-thirties girl, runs out of the door in agony, crying and calling Clarke at the top of her voice. Running towards him.

“Hey~ calm down, what’s the problem are you okay?”
“My dad!! My dad!! Please help him!! Something is wrong with him!” Brings Clarke into her house to inspect the neighbor’s father.

The girl’s father lays on the floor struggling to breathe and stopped moving. Clarke inspects the father and concluded that he is dead. The girl cries and hugs her father. Clarke tries her house phone to call but it was dead. Her cell phone was nowhere to be found. He went back to his house to call for an ambulance for further investigation. As he was walking back, the neighbor girl runs out and slams the door at the back of her. And bolts it with a two by four she found nearby. Clarke turns back and ask what was wrong. The father who was supposed to be dead somehow threw himself out of the window. Stood back up as soon as he stands, he bits the girl neck of and Clarke shove him away in the nick of time before he took the whole head off. The girl was bleeding bad, she died in a few seconds due to the loss of a huge amount of blood. The father turns to Clarke and starts running and was about to attack him.

Clarke grab a two by four nearby, swung it breaking the father’s head into pieces. Clarke stands there in shock, not knowing what he has just done and what was going on. Few short moments later, he heard a loud crash and explosion in a distance. He ran towards the scene, it was not far from where he was but still it was quite a distance. As he reached the scene, all he see was a tanker collision with a 3 other cars and the fire was burning fast. The smoke was growing.

“Urrrgghh!!” as Juliette was the first one out the window jumping onto the ground below, Steve threw down the shot gun to her  for cover, making sure no zombies tries to attack them from below. Steve and Chris work together as they lower Nancy down. The distance between the ground and the house was approximately 10 feet, all they gotta do is make sure they land safely. Steve goes through as Chris covers him, shooting few of them zombies that was coming through the door. Chris jumps and lands. Spraining his ankle during the process. With a limp, they all ran back out the gate, shooting through zombies that tries to block their way, hoping Jack is back by the car where they last parked it with the engine running. They reach the car in the nick of time, before the whole place was hoarded again, Jack was already in the car with the engine running and sped off as soon as they entered.

  “Arrghhh.” Chris in agony over the pain of his sprained perhaps maybe broken ankle.
“Chris, there’s blood coming out,” Juliette warns.
“Give me your hanker Chris.” Nancy takes Chris’s handkerchief out of his back pocket and tied it on his ankle to where she suspects the blood is coming from.

“I’m okay, I’ll be alright. Says Chris.
“Just drive.” Steve suggests.
“where?” Jack was still questioning.
“Jack we’ve got to get out of this city, in no time it’s going to be filled with those things.”
“Chris, I don’t know where.”
“I think there is a small town not far from here. Elts town. We”ll just find a place to crash once we get there.”
“And let’s just hope~that place is not infested~with those things,” says Nancy.

They drove for two hours, they reached Elts town in the nick of time that their car ran out of fuel. They got out on foot, Jack helps Chris walk as he was limping the whole way. Not too far, they saw a four-storey building surrouned by barbwires. A lot of barbwires and it was at least five feet high.

“Looks like someone didn’t want anything getting in,” explains Jack.
“Or out,” Juliette.
“HEYY!!! HELLO!! Anyone in there!!??” Jack shouts.
“Hey~ quiet down, you’re going to attract those things,” explains Steve.
“Look.. someone, is coming out,” says Nancy. As a tall African American man steps out with a shotgun, pointing at them, approaching the fence where they were.

“Who are you people?” ask the man.
“Look, we just need a place to stay for the night. Our friend is injured, please help us. We’ll get the hell out of here tomorrow morning,” Steve explains.

“…. You can stay here for as long as you need,” Explains the man as he opens the barbwire door he made.

The man told Jack to put Chris down onto the counter as they entered the building which turns out to be a weapon shop. The man introduces himself as Clarke as he inspects Chris’s ankle.

“Chris, your ankle is dislocated, I need to push it in it back. You need stiches too, you cut yourself deep around your ankle as well. Seem to be glass in it.” Explains Clarke.

“Damn.. alright do what you got to do.”
“Steve, Jack I need a favor.. there is a hospital nearby. Six blocks down, get to the pharmacy there, and get me supplies to stich your friend up. Steve, you’re cop, you know what to get. Right?”

“Yea, Clarke. Got it.”
“Ok. *Turns to Nancy and Juliette* get that blanket over there and put it on your Chris’s ankle.”

As Steve and Jack was about to leave.

“Oh fellas. One more thing. It’s almost sundown, get your asses back here before the sun sets. Don’t forget.” Explains Clarke.

“Why so?” Ask Jack.
“Those things here, in this town somehow different. I don’t know why they only come out at night.. and they’re fast.. Really fast. And agile.”

“We’ll be back before sundown,” Steve.

Steve and Jack had no problem making their way to the hospital. As they arrived, dead bodies were everywhere, their brains were all over. Without wasting anytime they found the pharmacy and got what they need to help Chris get back on his feet. The sun was already setting, they were losing light, shades were everywhere. As they were making their way back, they walk pass a manhole that was not closed and heard sounds. Sounds as if someone or something was climbing the ladder out. They paused for a second to see what was coming out, they were stunned to see a zombie without eyes climbed out and started sniffing and listening around.

They back off slowly, Jack stepped on a pack of empty cigarette box. The both of them were five feet away, the blind zombie just leaped and landed on Jack. Steve tried to get the zombie off Jack but was overpowered, he was shoved away. Jack without hesitant, fire the shotgun and blew the zombie’s head off.

The gunshot may have made more of these kind of zombies come climbing out of the sewers, leaping and running towards them. They started running as they got themselves back up. Steve and Jack open fired of those who were closing in. it just didn’t help much, all the gunshot did was attracted and told the zombies their location. They ran as fast as they could, so did the zombies. Steve and Jack footsteps while they run enable the zombies to know the direction they were going via their sense of hearing. Steve reach the fence was, and was about to open it.

“Don’t touch it!!!!” Clarke screams as he turns off the voltage of the fence.
“C”mon get it!!” Steve and Jack went through the door as the voltage was turned down. Three zombies got to the fence, Clarke turned the voltage back on. They died of electrocution.

“Now! You’re going to tell me what the fuck was those things!!!!” Jack demanded an explanation.
“Jack calm down,” Steve.
“Let me save your friend first.”

They got back inside as Clarke work on Chris’s ankle.

“You guys were suppose to get back before sundown I told you that.”
“Hey man~ six blocks is far. Unlike you people, you guys are sprinters. Right? Bolt?
*Clarke turns his head around. Irritated*… you people?? Bolt?? Usain Bolt? You better watch your mouth!! *stands up and threatens Jack*

“HEYY!!! ENOUGH!!! Jack apologize. APLOGIZE!! Instructs Nancy.
*Jack sighs and holds his head as he looks down* I’m sorry Clarke.
“Clarke. Please help my friend,” Nancy pleads.

Clarke gets back into attending Chris’s injuries as best as he can. After wrapping it up, he starts to tell what he knows, over a bunch of can eatable can food he salvage.

“So, these things, I’ve never seen them before, they’re not your usual zombies. Don’t ask me why but, the sun seems to burn into their eyes badly. Even without their cornea’s, it still somehow burns their eye sockets. That’s what makes them unable to get out into the sun. That’s not the only thing, they somehow eat one another.”

“what? I thought they only eat normal people like us,” asked Juliette.
“Both. Don’t ask me why. So, your turn to tell your story.”

“We did not know where to go.. We were looking for Nancy’s mother but we haven’t found her yet. We got to her uncle’s house where we suspect she was but she wasn’t. There were traces of someone escaping, after that we just drove to the nearest town and here we are,” Chris explains to Clarke.

“You guys are on a suicide mission. Doing something without a plan.”
“Well, at least it was something,” says Steve.
“I’m heading to the military based up north. There is a helicopter there, I suggest you guys better come with me.”

“You’re a pilot for the army or something?” Ask Juliette.
“Bomb squad actually. But I learnt a thing a two about flying.”
“Chris, my mom.”
“Shit~ Evelyn, Sarah. Clarke, by any chance, you heard any military message on the radio or anywhere regarding where to go for safety and etc?” Ask Chris.

“Why did you think I came here? I’m from the east coast.”
“Hey I have a radio, and a car battery. Perhaps I can connect it and use it….” Explains Juliette.
“No, not now. We wait till morning.” Clarke.

“Listen, I’m going to the military based with the helicopter. I’m more than willing to take you guys.”

Silence by the group.

“By dawn, we fix the radio and we sent a message on the distress channel, whoever is looking for a sign of life will listen to that channel. If they’re listening, they’ll come. I’m sure.”

“You guys ok with that?” ask Chris.
“It’s worth a shot,” answers Jack.
"Hope our love ones are listening," states Chris

(To Be Continued)

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