Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Risers ( # 1 : When It Begins)

  At a suburban neighborhood, a house located in the middle of the lot, a man can be seen waiting in the garden. The man seems to be in his mid twenties, he is seen carrying a camera bag.

“C’mon Nancy!! Hurry up.. Gotta get going before it rains!” said the man.
“Help me carry this tripod.” Says the man’s friend to him.
“I hope we can get this done today, I mean after so long we have planned to do this,” says the man.
“Relax Chris, the skies looks fine today.. besides its still morning, it usually rains in the afternoon.”

“Okayyy I’m here.” Says Nancy..
“Finally.” Both of them says..

“Jack don’t forget your lense,” says Chris.

The trio made their way to a hill near a road side, where there was a flat area appropriate for a photo shoot. The skies were cloudy, the sun wasn’t striking hot. They commence their photo shoot right away when they arrive. After taking a few shots, they proceeded to the top of the hill where it was not too steep to stand on and continued with their shots. After 20 minutes they review the pictures they have taken so far..

“Chris you got to lower down your ISO, its too high.. your pictures are, over blown.”
“Alright alright.. got it. A little spoiled though.”
“You can photo shop it, make it look decent at least,” says Nancy.

“I guess so..”

Few moments passes by, sirens can be heard. A lot of them at once. The trio went to the peak of the hill where it overlook the highway, they saw a large number of police cruisers and fire trucks passing by.

“Where is the fire? Don’t see any smoke.” Asks Nancy.
“Let’s head back, something must be on.”
“You’re right Jack, let’s head back to your place Nancy”s.”

As they reached Nancy’s house, they realized her front door was open. The sliding door and its grill.

“Nancy was there anyone home?” Asks Chris.
“No, my mum went out, if she did come back her car would be parked outside here.”
“Shit, I’m calling the cops.”
“After what we saw Jack, I don’t think they have the time to entertain this small breaking an entry thing.
*Takes out a Glock-19(handgun) from behind his back* you guys stay here I’ll go in and check it out. Jack grab a blunt object or something.”

“What the hell Chris!!??” Says Nancy with a shock.
“ How and why did you get that?” Asks Jack.

“Apply for license, and you’ll get it in few months’ time.. For self-defense. The world is getting crazier every day. Ok, I’m going in, keep this gate close, yell if you see anything.”

Chris takes a look around the ground floor of the house, and found nothing. He makes his way up to the 1st floor, he looks into every corner and doorway but found nothing. As he was making his way back down he heard Nancy’s and Jack’s voice, yelling about something. He made his way down and saw a man standing in front of Jack and Nancy. Only the main gate separates them both and the man as he is trying to get to them.

“Chris look out!!!” warns Jack with a two by four in his hands.
“Shit!! His face!!!!” Nancy warns.

The man turns around and he has distorted face, his eyes looks transparent. His mouth was bloody and couldn’t keep it closed. His neck and arms were scarred by bite marks, dried blood on his neck and arms. And he starts, moving towards Chris. Chris points the gun at the man and warns him.

“Hey! Alright! That’s enough.. back off!!! Please!! I don’t want to shoot you..!!” Warns Chris.

The man keeps advancing and was able to get a hold onto Chris. There was a struggle, the man pushed Chris to the fence, made out of bricks. It hurt Chris’s back and he fell onto the ground, struggling to get back up. The man goes on top of Chris and tries to bite Chris’s neck, Chris fought back in making sure that doesn’t happen. Nancy and Jack from behind came to help Chris out by hitting the man at the back of the head making him going of balance to the side. Jack grabs the man and shove him to the side of the garden where he fell and got back up on his feet in no time. Chris, with the help of Nancy was able to get back up on his feet, Jack grabs Chris’s gun and gave it to Chris. He opens fire at the man at the chest twice. There was no effect, the man kept advancing towards them, he then fired at the man’s head. Where it blew into pieces and the man falls and dies for good.

The trio headed inside and have a sit down on the couch to get settled down. Nancy attends to Chris’s wounds that were inflicted by the weird man at his back.

“Feel better?” Ask Nancy to Chris.
“Yeah, thanks.”
*Jack sits down still looked shocked from what just happened* What the hell was that?”

A short moment of an awkward silence was presence in the living room. Jack got up, grabs his camera and went towards the dead body and started taking pictures of it.

“Jack what are you doing?” Asks Chris.
“Taking pictures.”
“What the hell for?”
“*Nancy grabs Jack by the shoulders* Jack, calm down ok, his dead, nothing is going to happen.”

Jack appears to still be in shock, Nancy brings him inside and put the kettle on. Meanwhile, Chris rips opens the man shirt and starts examining.

“I think Jack will be fine. He just needs some time to settle… Ripping the shirt open? Chris?”
“This is no Halloween costume Nancy. Look *points at the dead body’s torso* no bulletproof vest of anything hard to stop bullets. I shot him twice in the chest, he was still moving quick and strong. Until I shot him in the head.”

“There was no answer.” Says Jack while holding his cell phone as he went outside to join them.
“What?” Answers Nancy.
“My girlfriend, there is no answer on her cell phone.”

“Shit!! Evelyn, Sarah… !!! *Chris takes out his cellphone and dials for Evelyn* *Engage tone. Chris tries again several times after waiting, still he can’t get through* I’m going go to get them.”

“Hey!! I’m going with you, detour to Jenn’s place, I need to see if she is alright.” Says Jack.

“My place is on the way, we drop at mine then hers.” Replies Chris.
“I’m coming too, I’m not going to stay in this house alone.” Says Nancy.
“Lock up good then.” Says Chris.

They trio got into Chris’s car and made their way to Chris’s and Evelyn’s house first. Where he stays with Evelyn his girlfriend and her daughter Sarah. Jenn, is Jack’s girlfriend, who lives few blocks down from Chris’s and Evelyn’s house. They made their way through the highway, and throughout they saw commotion on the road back on the other side.

*Chris looks at Nancy* we gotta go the other way to get back to your place.”

They continue their journey, as they reached the middle of the main town, it was in chaos, they seem to be fire engines and policemen attending towards an accident and a situation in a nearby building, the road leading to Chris’s neighborhood was blocked, a policeman stopped them and asks questions.

“The road is closed” says the cop.
“Sir would you please let us pass, I need to get to my girlfriend, my friend here too. They both lived at Grand Orchid.”

“I’m sorry ,the roads are closed, safety measures. Not letting anyone in or out. Use the other road” Says the cop.

“C’mon sir, please… the other road it’s insane, it’s a hustle from here.”

Out of the blue, the policeman colleague calls him from his radio.

“Tim??Tim?? answer me.”
“What is it Steve?”
“Get down here, we’ve got a situation, need more men. Hurry!!”

“Sir please let us pass.” Ask Chris again.
“OK go,go,go.. before I change my mind. *the policeman moves the barricade as they pass*

As they reached Chris’s house, the door seems to be wide opened. Everything in the house was a mess, Chris ran up to his room and it was a mess too. Clothes were taken but not all, Evelyn’s grandmother’s necklace was not taken, it was still hanging on the dressing table. Chris takes it and hope for the best prepare for the worst. He reunites with his friends downstairs.

“She’s still alive.” Says Chris.
“How do you know?” Ask Nancy.
“Her necklace, she left it, she never leaves it.”
“Whatever it is Chris. I’m sorry.” Says Jack.
“Don’t be, she and Sarah are alive. Somewhere…, *sigh* let’s get to your girl.”

They made their way to Jenn’s house, it didn’t look good, there were a few people standing around. People who looked like the man Chris killed. The trio made their way into Jenn’s house slowly, trying not to get the attention from them, the door was wide open, there was a trail of blood leading to the steps. There was Jenn, eyes wide open, neck bitten opened. Jack drops to his knees and hugs the dead body of Jenn in tears. Meanwhile the people outside of Jenn’s noticed the trio inside, and slowly making their way towards them.

“Jack c’mon we gotta go now!!” Says Chris.
“Jack, c’mon ok, we’ve got to go,” says Nancy.

Jack puts Jenn down back and make their way out. Chris shoots few of them down to make a passage way to the door. They got into the car, and made their way back to Nancy’s. During the journey back, everyone was quiet, wondering what is going on. They took the longer route back to Nancy’s, knowing that the ordinary road back was jammed up. They passed the ordinary road back to Nancy’s and the cars were deserted, some cars were left running, doors wide opened. Not a single soul in sight. They made their way back, and settle themselves down in the living room. Jack turns on the tv, but there was nothing on anymore, some screens were blank some showed a “please standby” message.

“Oh my god!!!” Says Nancy.
“MUM!! Totally forgot about her!! Shit!! Shit!! *Nancy dials her cellphone frantically, but all she gets is an error tone every time she dialed.* Shit!! Damn!!.”

“Don’t worry *Jack hugs her and tries to comfort her* I’m sure she is alright.”
“We’ll go to the place where you think she might be, we look for her then.” Says Chris.

There was a loud bang coming from upstairs.

*Chris takes his gun out and pointed it to the stairs as he gives instructions and warns the mystery person upstairs* Walk slowly!, hands up!.. C’mon, walk slowly towards the stairs!..” instructs Chris.

As the person slowly emerge towards the stairs, it seems to be a chubby looking, 45 year old man in shorts and a checkered shirt. Nancy sees his face as he slowly descents..

“Uncle Rob??” Says Nancy.
“Hello there dear. Glad you’re okay.” *with a smile* 

(to be continued)

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