Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Risers(Episode 3 : Lock Up Uncle Rob)

The center of the city, the main city. Was in total chaos. Cars were getting into accidents, bodies flying out of the buildings, those that survive without getting their brains all over the place because of the impact, gotten back up and started chomping down on people who were nearby. Steve, a police officer, was stunned to see what was transpiring. He ran down the block as a number of the undead notice his presence. They chased him as he ran, they may not be able to run or walk fast, but they were gaining. Until a certain shop, a café to be precise, the door opened and there was a girl covering her face not wanting to be shot by Steve as he takes aim.

“Please,” says the girl.

Steve shot the man behind her which was an undead.

“Get inside,” says Steve as the undead that were chasing him gotten closer. He closed and bolted the door behind him with a table and chair and a shelf nearby.

“Is there a back door?” ask Steve.
“Yes, over there.” The girl points to the back door and they both ran out of the café leading to the back alley which leads them back to the main street. Steve looks around and saw an abandon police car. A four wheel drive. They hop onto it and drove away from the city.

“Thanks back there,” says the girl.
“No problem, I was around.”
“What is going on by the way?”
“I don’t know, we had an emergency call, to an apartment down the block from where we met, and all hell started break loose. My captain, my best friend. Dead.”

“I’m sorry to hear about that. Where you plan on going?”
“Going back to HQ and find some answers. I hope there is any.”
“Oh yea~ I’m Juliette by the way.”
“Steve. Here take this. You know how to use one of these?” Steve gave her his extra handgun he was carrying.

“Luckily yes, dad always brought me hunting when I was a kid.”
“Are your parents alright?”
“They’re dead.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”
“Long time ago when I was a kid. Got raise by my grandparents.”
“Are they alright? Did you check up on them?”
“Not to worry, they’re dead too. Three years ago.”
“And you’re the only child.”

They drove for 20 minutes, passing outside a neighborhood road, Juliette points to the fuel indicator, its pointing towards “E”. They were running out of fuel soon. Few minutes later, the car came to a complete stop, out of fuel. They got out of the car, armed and started to walk towards the police station. A house was horded by zombies in the opposite direction in the neighborhood. A huge drain was the only one that is separating them and the house in the neighborhood, opposite. A car comes out from the junction that leads into the neighborhood, Steve and Juliette scream their hearts out to get the attention of the car.

Back to Chris, Jack, Nancy and Rob in the car.

“You guys hear that?” Asks Nancy.
“*Chris looks back and saw a man and a woman* hey~ people.. behind us.. ”

Chris stops the car and greets them as they approached.

“I’m I glad to see someone else alive.” Says Jack.
“Glad to see you guys too.. Where you guys heading?” Ask Steve.
“Back to the city, city center.” Answers Chris.
“Don’t go back there, that place is screwed.” Says Steve.
“Where you guys heading?” Chris.
“Police Station, few miles down the road. I don’t know about you, but you’ll need some more guns and ammo to fight these things. Glad to spare you guys some of what’s left in HQ.” Steve.

Chris looks at the others and they all gave a sign of agreement.

“Hop in, stick together.. better chances of survival.” Chris.
“Thanks, I’m Steve this is Juliette.”
“I’m Chris, Jack, Nancy and Rob.”

They made their way to the police station, it was already abandoned long ago. They headed in armed and cautious of their surroundings. They make their way to the armory, scavenge whatever weapons and ammo they can, food and water that will cleanse their hunger and thirst. In the control room Nancy can be seen staring at the blank monitors, shredding her tears. Jack enters and comforts her, saying that everything will be ok. Ensuring her that her mum is alive and well regardless being in a middle of a chaos in the city. Juliette enters the room.

“Erm~ Hey~ bad time? We’re about to leave. Have you guys seen the weird guy?”
“Uncle Rob? Answers Nancy.

The searched for him and found in sitting down staring at the walls on the guard’s table near the jail cells.

“Uncle Rob we’ve got to go. Uncle Rob?”

Chris and Steve enters.

“Rob, it just occurred to me.. why were the zombies hoarding your place? I mean, other houses gates and doors were wide opened.. yet they chose your place to hoard. Why is that? Was someone there?” ask Chris.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jack.
“Uncle Rob???” Nancy shivers.
“Wait, on our way here we did see a house hoarded by zombies. That was yours?” Juliette points to Rob.

Rob was sitting down still on the table, staring at the floor with his eyes opened. As if he has seen a ghost. Chris approached Rob slowly, Rob without warning, swung his hand armed with a blunt object. A broken wood, at Chris. Chris evaded, Rob kept on fighting. Jack, Steve and Chris took action and overpowered Rob and threw him in a nearby cell which surprisingly has its key hanging on the lock. Steve took the key and place it on the table nearby. They left leaving Rob in the cell, yelling, begging to be release. They got back into their car and headed back to Rob’s house in search of Nancy’s mum.

In the car.

“What’s that? Jack asks Juliette as she was holding something.
“It’s a C.B radio, thought it would be useful. We can try communicate with someone out there. At least.”

“What’s wrong with my uncle?”
“Does he has any, medical issues?” Ask Steve.
“Physically only.. mentally. Never reported. Nor mentioned.”
“Nancy, if the main door holds, your mum could still be inside. Or, I’m sure she found some other way out.” Says Chris.

As they arrived at a distance.

“Shit~ how the hell are we going to get in??” Jack.

The place, area. Still hoarded by zombies. Lots of them.

“Here’s a crazy plan. Nancy, Juliette.. mind the car.” Chris.

As the three of them approached Rob’s house slowly, hiding 3 houses away. Nancy and Juliette followed them as well. Juliette couldn’t stop Nancy of wanting to join them. The plan: Jack goes to Rob’s house and distract them, bringing them away bit by bit, until there was at least enough room to maneuver or shoot hole through the crowd. The zombies got Jack’s attention, as they chased him, Jack runs as fast as he could 6 houses down and will meet them back at the car. The four others ran into Rob’s compound, firing a whole through the crowd making a hold to make their way to the main door. The firing noises caught attention of those who were chasing after Jack and were making their way back. Chris and Steve busted the door open and bolt it shut. Blocking it with shelves and tables.

“MUMM!!!! MUM!!!! MUMM!!!!!!” Nancy screams to the top of her lungs for her mum.

“Helllo!!!! Is anyone here!!!????” Steve calls out for Nancy’s mum.

Juliette looks around and saw a broken window, with blood on it.

“Hey guys!!! Over here!!!”
“What you got?” Chris and the others rushed to the scene.

“I guess whoever was in here, jumped out through here when all of these started.” Says Juliette.
“Oh my god.” Nancy.
“There is no corpse or anything, she could have just cut herself while jumping out. And got somewhere safe. Whoever came here did not come on foot, there is no car on the drive way. If it’s your mum, she’s safe.”

“Nancy. *Chris looks at Nancy* your mum is safe. So is Evelyn and Sarah. We’ll find them ok? Alright? Let’s get the hell out of here.” Says Chris.

The front door crashes open.

(To Be Continued)

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