Monday, April 23, 2012

Shouting And Dancing In The Sun

So~ last Sunday,I accompanied Amelia to a beach party at Gayana Island. Its a beach party for conserving the marine life, like a celebration that it is getting conserved. There were lots of performances before the main event started, lunch was free included in the ticket price. Other foods and snacks were not though. The main event was of course, performance by Ronan Keating. Everyone literally stopped what they were doing and went to the foot of the stage to snaps close up pictures of Ronan. There was still performance after Ronan"s show though, it was the Zumba dance by Michelle Koh, again everyone stopped what they were doing, and went down to the beach and started dancing with Michelle.

It was a bummer though that we weren't able to take pictures with Ronan himself, but in the end, it was an exciting and memorable experience. We had fun. The show ended at 4.30 p.m++. Satisfied, we ate chicken wings on our ride back in the ferry to K.K.


  1. wow!! I wanted to go too just to see Ronan and sing along with him but xsempat!

    1. there will be a next time, since he jadi the ambassador sudah kan.. so yea, i guess he will come back again tuu.. hahaha