Monday, April 23, 2012

The Risers (Episode 2 : Ego Kills)

From a police cruiser radio.

“All units, all units head down to the Canyon street, the main city. All units head to the main city immediately.”

“Turn on that siren Tim.”
*Turns on Siren* Right on Steve. All units? Must be a bank robbery or something going on there.”
“Only one way to find out.” Says Tim.

The two policemen make their way to the scene of the situation. As they arrived, there were firemen and other policemen as well.

“What’s the situation here?” Asks Steve to a fireman nearby.
“Well, that building over there, part of it collapsed, got blown away unknown to us how. Big debris fell on that man’s car, my men are trying to get him out. Frantic screams are heard from this apartment here, don’t know what’s going on.”

From a short distance a man in his forties calls out Steve.

“Steve, Hey Steve!! Tim! Get your asses here!!”
“Captain, what’s going on?” Asks Tim.

With a group of other policemen there, they were ready for a briefing by the captain.

“Ok fellows, listen here, we have no idea what we are going to expect in there, S.W.A.T will lead, you guys follow.”

“Why do we need so many men?” Steve asks.
“We received 15 calls from this place alone, don’t know what are we up against, terrorist, gangsters we don’t know, keep on the lookout. Ok, let’s get going.”

“Steve I’ll go get the shotguns from the trunk, you head on up first with them.”
“See you in a bit.”

Suddenly a body flew out of the window, the impact of the fall busted the head opened as the body hits the ground.

“Fucking Hell!!!!” Says the captain.

The fallen body caught Tim’s attention for a while, he made his way to a car trying to pass the road block before he can make it to his car. The car filled with a trio of two male n a female in their twenties, they explained they were heading their way to his girlfriend’s house. Tim was called on the radio by Steve, Tim decided to let them go before he change his mind. He went to the cruiser, get the shotguns and made his way towards Steve. Tim enters the apartment building and there was a frantic situation on the second floor, the tenants that were left in the building seems to be attacking and eating the S.W.A.T team and other policemen, Tim beats some of them up, removing them from its victims, most victims ended up dead, gunshots were heard and screams from Steve as well. It was hell. Tim arrived at Steve, and they both shot whatsoever un-human coming their way and make themselves back down and out of the place as fast as they could. They dragged their captain who was injured bitten on the neck out the front door in the nick of time. He was gasping for air unable to talk, Steve calls for the medic while Tim stands guard and puts his shotgun in between the door handle, locking it. The captain dies through the lost of blood, a man suddenly jumps out of the window and falls on Tim and starts chomping on him. Steve got up and shoot the fallen man on Tim, Tim was a goner and couldn’t be saved. Steve shoots the captain as he rose back up and tried to kill Steve. Steve stares into the street that was in chaos and getting worst.

Back at Nancy’s, Nancy’s uncle Rob was found lingering in the house of the 2nd floor. He explained that her mother gave him the extra key to the house some time ago.

“Nancy we can’t stay here for long, we have to keep moving. Soon this place will be filled with those things,” says Jack.

“Zombies you mean?” questions Rob.
“Zombies? Are you living in a sci-fi movie?” Asks Jack.
“No I’m serious, infection, virus, zombies and shit.”

“The only zombies that I know of, are the ones from Nigeria, Ghana or any of them African countries. Where the witchdoctors put some juju on his/her victims and controls them or bring them back to life. So? Which one is it? Juju or some virus bullshit?” Asks Chris.

“Ill have to go with virus.” Answers Rob.
“And you know this how?” Asks Nancy.
“Just a hunch. You see people turn into one of them after being hurt by them. Right?”

“Whatever it is. We got to keep moving.” Explains Jack.
“What about my mom?”
“Try and remember where did she go today? Or usually goes? We’ll try and find her. Who knows she might gotten stuck there or in hiding or something. Leave her a note to where we are going. At least.” Explains Jack.

An awkward silence begins to go around the room, no one knew what to say after that nor had any idea what to really do next.

“Guys, let’s go to my place. It’s a above ground single-storey house. It’s a fort, and my area is the safest I know it. It will never get infested by those things. “Zombies”. It will never, I know it.. it’s the safest place, got lotsa food and water, we can stay there for as long as we want.” Explains uncle Rob.

“No man, I don’t think so, when the time comes, those things somehow will make their way there. No matter how deep into the country side we go, it’s only a matter of time.”
“Mr. Jack! No, no, I am very very sure and confident my place is safe and zombies free. Let’s go now.”

“….. does your place has a back door?” asks Chris.
“No it does not. Look! Let’s just go to my place ok!! It’s the safest place in town. Perhaps in the world too.”

“You’re going to get us killed.”
“What!? What are you talking about huh!?? Look I know my shit well, you follow me no one’s gonna die.”

“Are you fucking mad? We get attacked at least we can escape either way. Do you understand?”
“*chuckles* it’s you who do not understand!!! I know what I’m saying well!!! Now c’mon let’s get going to my place!!!”

“Fuck no!! Chris is right about the back door..” Says Jack.

“Yea~ I’m a bad person. I’m a bad man.. I get the people I care about die.” *Walks out*

“Uncle Rob,” Nancy calls out.

“Nancy, do you remember where your mum said she was going? Any idea?” Asks Chris.
“…….. center of the city.”
“Shit~ we just went passed there and it was hell.” Jack.
“Where exactly?” asks Chris.
“To her friend’s place, some apartment.”
“I know this sounds crazy, let’s go try and look for her there.. it’s worth a shot.”

“I’ll go grab some blunt objects.” Says Jack.
“Get your uncle...”

They got into the car and made their way to the center of the city, during the ride, Rob was making a fuss of how bad he is as an uncle and a person.

“No you’re not a bad person uncle.”
“Yes I am Nancy. Yes I am.”

Jack puts his head on the dashboard.

“Rob, where do you live exactly? Show us.. perhaps it is kind of a good idea..” says Chris.

Nancy was surprised by the change of heart by Chris. Rob then explained, giving directions regarding where his house is. As they arrived at Rob’s area, they weren’t even able to get close to it, the roads and area were filled with zombies lurking around, Rob’s house from afar can be seen horded by zombies, the stairs that leads to the one and only entrance, was a goner. Filled with the undead, lurking. Rob couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Chris, Jack and Nancy did not say a word. The only thing that they could do was just stare, as the house was slowly getting torn apart.

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